Introducing Schemata Theory

Published: 14 Feb 2013 17:000 comments

SIX Berkshire lads have teamed up to achieve world domination, or, failing that, a dent in the Earth's surface at least.

SCHEMATA THEORY: From left, Huw Roch, Joshua Barretto, Luke Wright, Carl Quanstrom, Myles Dyer and Mario Scinto. PHOTO: Richard Parsons of Blackpixel Photography

SCHEMATA THEORY: From left, Huw Roch, Joshua Barretto, Luke Wright, Carl Quanstrom, Myles Dyer and Mario Scinto. PHOTO: Richard Parsons of Blackpixel Photography

Schemata Theory - Myles, Luke, Huw, Maz, Carl and Josh - have formed from the ashes of 2004 band Down Within. After a complete line-up overhaul and a new musical direction, The Guide spoke to the upcoming thrash-inspired rockers to find out a bit more about them.


What do you think the band brings to the music scene and what do you think of the local music scene? "The local scene is an important element wherever you are in world as all bands have to start somewhere! Even if a band gets lucky and leapfrogs local gigs, the members probably played previously in other bands on a small scale and will have gained essential live experience from doing so! We feel we bring an intensity and all round performance to the music scene which we hope to convey during live shows. We really want people to go away from a show thinking .Wow, that was mind blowing'. We don't feel that just playing songs well on a stage is good enough any more."


How would you describe your sound? "As every song on the album has its own distinctive feel it would be quite hard to describe an overall sound. Most reviews we've heard so far comment on the blend of heaviness and melody, which haven't been achieved in such a way before, which runs throughout all of our songs. I would say we differ to other bands that do the heavy/melodic mix in that we don't tend to do breakdowns; we have quite a lot of 80S thrash-inspired riffs on the album, as well as more groovy riffs favoured by Pantera, Lamb Of God, Threat Signal etc. The balance we have achieved between our two vocalists is something else that sets us apart from other bands. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that if you like metal there should be something on our album you would like." 

What's your ultimate goal for the band? "World domination culminating in headlining Wembley Stadium with Metallica in support... or, more seriously, we would be happy simply being able to make this work as a full-time job. As nice as superstardom would be, we aren't setting our sights that far yet."


Who inspires you and who are your icons? "At least for the purpose of this album, inspiration was drawn largely from Metallica, Dream Theater, Lamb Of God, Machine Head, 36 Crazyfists and Threat Signal. Obviously there were other influences, and as the album was composed over six years our collective influences and inspirations changed quite a lot. As far as individual persons who we would class as icons; James Hetfield, Burton C Bell, John Petrucci and Geddy Lee to name a few."


Tell us about the album... 

"The album is called 'Dry Lung Rhetoric' and contains 11 tracks. The songwriting goes back as far as 2007, where the original blueprint for our single 'A Complex Slate' was written. Parts of our nine-and-a-half-minute instrumental track also date back to then. The rest of the tracks were composed from 2008 up to when we began recording the album back in August 2011. Due to shifts in the bands line-up, the recording process was a rather disjointed one. We went into the studio without a vocalist of any sort, with Myles playing the drums for the process of recording. We recorded the music for every track from August to October 2011. After changing the name of the band and having a full album of instrumental tracks (albeit in unfinished and unmixed form) we set about finding a vocalist and, after a long search, ended up recruiting our friend Luke to do the clean vocals and Myles switched to doing the screaming vocals. After a few months writing the vocal parts and recording demos we went back into the studio over a year later than when we first started to finish the album off."


You've been working on the album for a couple of years, how are you feeling now it's out there? "Largely a feeling of relief! Of course we're also really happy that we can finally show everyone what we've been working on for the best part of six years. The relief however is quite short lived as now that we have a product to promote we can't afford to take a break of any sort and we're working hard to get it out there to the masses."


Why do the digital release? Who had the idea? "The digital release was Myles's idea, and given his background in social media and online distribution, it was hard to disagree with him. If you imagine visiting a store to buy a suit; would you just take one that seemed good (and/or was promoted) and hand over your money hoping it fits when you get home? Of course not. We take a similar approach with our music. Our debut album has been distributed online for free via YouTube & Spotify so anyone can immerse themselves in the music with no risk attached. If they like what is heard, they can support us by paying for the music or merchandise.

"This also allows people to share the music with whoever they like without the fear of being prosecuted and, at this very early stage, we want as many people to hear the album as possible. Many bands today still think that the biggest revenue stream comes from the music itself, when our stance is it's actually from the merchandise and ticket sales. We believe this attitude is the first step in developing a strong organic fan base."

The band will be gigging somewhere near you soon. Keep up-to-date on their whereabouts and check out their tracks at or www or and follow them on Twitter @schematatheory

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