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Published: 10 Jan 2013 09:300 comments

Well hello there! Welcome to my new sporadic column - hopefully giving an insight into the workings of doubledotdash!? and other activities organised by our friends.



Since we are not exactly a household name, I should probably start by giving a bit of background into what doubledotdash!? is, and what it is we do.

Simply put, we are a music organisation based in Reading. We spend most of our time organising live gigs (kindly hosted at South Street Arts Centre) and recording and releasing records/CD-Rs /tapes for a number of local (and sometimes not so local) acts. We also dabble in other activities, such as organising instrument building workshops, zine publishing, T-shirt design and printing, and also co-curate a one day live music extravaganza with John Luther of South Street Arts Centre called DOUBLEDOTBASH! Music is such a personal thing, so we don't really have a strict policy of what genres we will and won't get involved with. More important to us is a positive attitude, a strong desire to do things on your own terms, and not to be dictated to by the norms of the music industry just for the sake of it. That said, if you find your listening peppered with Captain Beefheart, Part Chimp, Sun Ra, and Four Tet, or Nirvana are still your favourite band then I think we can be friends. Even better - you also like flailing around late at night to Northern Soul, Caribou, and Minor Threat.

If you really want to see what is going down, then pop down to one of our gigs at South Street - we're a friendly bunch, and always happy to go grab a beer and chat about things. Next on the agenda is a psychedelic evening headlined by an itinerant young Frenchman who goes by the name High Wolf.

This is on Friday, February 1, and the support are local acts Sun Skeletons and Silvery Magnus. Come hang out!

Thanks for reading, and if you want any more information please hit our website www.doubledotdash.org, or drop us a line at doubledotdash@gmail.com.

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