Filling in the gaps with Blather at South Hill Park

Published: 1 Dec 2012 07:300 comments

PICTURE the scene, a cast of actors are backstage, preparing for the second half of a play, The Rose Of Seville. But something is wrong: as the interval stretches out, the actors realise there is no second half. What's to be done?

Too Many Daves' production, Blather, 'an absurd comedy that's at a loss for words' examines what might happen next, were audience and actors left to their own devices, with little help from the playwright.

Writer David Wembridge told us more: "It's an absurd sort of premise and really it's to think about how the trio of an author, actors and the audience create characters. It's set backstage, so we see what happens backstage as the interval approaches and the cast begin to realise that the second half has been lost. It's a local bunch of very talented actors from around South Hill Park.

"It's finding that voice for the characters┬ů are they the responsibility of the audience or the author? The author is not particularly forthcoming!"

David explained that part of the inspiration for the piece came from his own experiences as a writer.

"You see a piece and how you want the characters and you see someone perform it and it's very different and often a lot better than you thought it would be. There's not really a right or wrong about it; they might not do it the way you thought it would be. It turns into something that you did not dream of.

"A piece is not a piece until it's performed because the audience has to put their imagination, their feelings into it. The whole purpose is to make people laugh. It's funny, hopefully it's entertaining, and if it gets people doing things and thinking about things, or thinking, 'I could get involved in theatre, in some writing or some performing'... it's a big thing to hope for, but that's a nice sort of outcome.

" It's only entertainment but hopefully people can take some ideas away."

Blather is at South Hill Park, Bracknell, from Thursday-Saturday, December 6-8. Tickets cost £10 from www.southhill or call 01344 484 123.

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