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I am Jack Hepplewhite AKA weallliveanddie presents...

Published: 2 Nov 2012 12:002 comments

I was in Paris last week, at a party organised in honour of the French lyricist, poet and womaniser Serge Gainsbourg. I generally try and avoid these things, but as I happen to be a big fan of Gainsbourg, and Paris can be quite pretty this time of year, I thought, oh what the heck, and jumped on the Eurostar.

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The problem with events like this, and being a vegetarian, is that the posh buffet food largely avoids the fact that we still eat for pleasure, or are a vegetarian for any other reason then being on a diet.

Fine food cocktails of lamb and fresh mint sauce canapés fly pass my head, while I dive into a micro salad oatmeal biscuit. Humph. I suppose at least my cummerbund might just last the whole evening.

So I could have been forgiven for thinking that this wasn't going to be any different. But hey, shoot me down! What I didn't realise was that sharing the guest list with me was super veggie, stick it in your sour dough bap and eat it, mister grumpy himself Morrissey. Yeah, I thought, wagging my hypothetical finger and gloating about my fellow veggie club member at other carnivore guests. We had some proper food man!

Anyway, I got absolutely sloppy-faced on this amazing little free cocktail bar. As the night went on, I insisted ever more on practising my quite broken French on the poor bartender. With him being French, and I being drunk, talking philosophically was unavoidable. Mixologicalism became a word, and more than just that, a religion; a way of life. We spoke about how the mixing of drinks, like food and menu building, was about combining experiences on top of experiences, creating cocktails of memories which in turn trigger taste, and I started to feel like we had just solved one of the greatest philosophical riddles of our time... even though we obviously hadn't.

It's not just food and drink though is it? Turntablism has given us the chance to run through our memories at the same blistering pace and mix of musical cocktails as a small canapé. Like taking a bite of some 80s Michael Jackson with a slither of 90s hip-hop... I mean, what does that taste like? Or even a mix of Grieg, Gangham and ginger?? Will it smell nice? Too strong? Too spicy?

Join us in the Oakford Social Club on Saturday to sample some of the finest musical mixologists on the planet. Four times UK DMC Champions The Disablists host more of our Franco counterparts the Jukebox Champions for a soiree of musical, social and liquid cocktails.

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