McDermott hits back at Royals boo-boys

Published: 15 Nov 2012 11:2013 comments

BRIAN McDermott has hit back at the Reading boo-boys by claiming their criticisms are unfounded.

Unfair criticism: Brian McDermott took a swipe at disgruntled Reading fans.

Unfair criticism: Brian McDermott took a swipe at disgruntled Reading fans.

BRIAN McDermott has hit back at the Reading boo-boys by claiming their criticisms are unfounded.

Royals were jeered off the pitch by a minority of fans after their goalless draw with Norwich City at Madejski Stadium last weekend.

But boss McDermott says he cannot understand why supporters would choose to vent their anger when his players are giving everything they've got.

In an exclusive Reading Chronicle interview, he said: "I know what we are as a club and how successful we have been over the past decade or so because I've been here throughout that time.

"But it is not going to be easy for us in the Premier League, let's make no bones about that.

"It's easy to back the team when you are winning 15 games out of 20 like we did last season. But when things are tough it's more difficult to show your support."

Reading are yet to win in the Premier League this season and host fourth-placed Everton at Madejski Stadium this Saturday (3pm ko).

And McDermott will not tolerate a similar reaction from fans if they fail to beat the in-form Toffees.

"There were murmurings at the end of the Norwich City game and I just can't accept that," he declared.


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  • LoyalRoyal_10
    Unregistered User
    Nov 15, 11:54
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    Could not agree more with BM. Those who jeered should be ashamed of themselves, although lets face it they are not real supporters they are only the ones who have jumped on the Premiership Bandwagon!

    Lets just get behind the team like real supporters do!!!

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  • RH 3
    Unregistered User
    Nov 15, 12:10
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    You forgot to write 'mindless' in front of minority in the main article. Some plank of 'supporter' near me in the Lower West was shouting "taxi for Brian" with about 10 minutes to go on Saturday. People like that should just stay away as their 'support' isn't helpful and isn't needed.

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  • Hicksie_Fan
    Unregistered User
    Nov 15, 12:10
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    I am a Reading fan and have been so for nearly 40 years. Yes I boo'd against the team against Norwich.

    The Manager and Squad are not experienced and good enough to survive. The new owner came in saying he has ambitions to hi the top 5, and yet we go for cheap option players.

    Against Saturday every player gave their all? Brian have you watched the video of the game? Roberts couldnt stay on his feet and spent more game complaining to the ref than worrying the defence, Mikkle's passing was poor for a change, he took off McCleary who was lively and left Jobi on who was clearly knackered and didnt have the legs left.

    This is not a team currently that can stay in this league. The club as so much potential with Anton in charge at the helm and yet we are watching worse performances than Coppells team that were relegated!

    I will get behind the team every week and have had a season ticket for over 25 years, so no i'm not a plastic fan, just a frustrated one, and one that is fed up with McD's lack of ideas and the teams lack of experience and enterprise in the league.

    thanks for all you have done McD but now maybe a time for you to go out of a high and be remembered as another successful manager in RFC history - and let someone more experienced take over who can keep us in this league and match Antons ambition to take us forward.

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  • surreybob
    Unregistered User
    Nov 15, 13:13
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    I am also a fan and season ticket holder for nearly 40 years and although I did not boo I was very disappointed with the performance Yes 0 0 but Norwich are very poor away from home and had no strike force Feds kept a clean sheet because he had no shots to save

    Look at WHU they have bought good players to complement the team all we did was buy back ups. Shorey looked the ponly premiership player on view. The only one able to hold and pass the ball

    We need a creative mid fielder, we need midfield and wingers who can score regularly at this level

    The last two games have looked like Championship games We must take the opportunity provided by the brilliant run last year to hold on to our place, so we must invest in quality not quantity.

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  • basingstoke royal
    Unregistered User
    Nov 15, 13:35
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    So Mr Mcd can't cope with some boos, I'm sad to say it will probably get alot worse if we don't start playing better and with more imagination. Norwich were a pretty poor side who we really should have beaten. The players gave there all, well i would hope so on the fantastic salaries they are on. Wakey wakey Brian the real world beckons

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  • Patrick
    Unregistered User
    Nov 15, 13:59
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    If the club/Anton didn't talk so much S*** about top 10 finishes, stadium expansions and links to international players then fans would be more realistic in their expectations.

    Its not the first time READING FC have talked the talked and spectacularly failed to walk the walk. In 2007 Nigel Howe claimed Reading could be "bigger than Arsenal".

    The club is a joke as all these expectations contradict the finances of the club!

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  • Royalof45years
    Unregistered User
    Nov 15, 14:03
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    Unless you go for Uri Geller style green and red voting cards, it is hard for those who are really peed off with BMs tactics (long ball from Gorkss and Morrison way too often) to let known what they think. You could vote with your feet but (1) real football fans don't do that, they want their football (even if it's crap, that's what most football is - 90% disappointment?! :-) )and (2) you've probably already invested £400 in a season ticket.

    Don't get me wrong, I get the argument about needing to always get behind the team and I also get BMs "be grateful for where we are" but you and he too have to understand that some people's patience and personalities won't cope with boring games when you're getting outplayed all the time or just long-balling and also that it's frustrating when you've paid £150-odd as a family to do so.

    Tactics need to change, money needs to be spent. Simply clapping the players off after a game so inept as Norwich isn't on.......... what should you do, hold up score cards? or give them the thumbs down? or shout "Jolly Rotters"! I found today's showing slightly disappointing!!" :-)

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  • Sir Dodger Royal
    Unregistered User
    Nov 15, 14:42
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    McDermott should be big enough and uglier enough to take some flak. Football is not all about plaudits. Play well then they come. Play like we have this season and some Clubs would be a lot more volatile than the meek and mild RTGs who support RFC. Shut up moaning and start winning games. That's what you are paid to do and it's about time you started delivering. If the players and staff don't like it then they are a bunch of wimps.

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  • Loyal Royal
    Unregistered User
    Nov 15, 15:39
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    Brian - if you and your team do not like the boo's, put extra efforts in to turn the crowd around. People are being for a reason - mainly that they are dissatisfied that we are not firing on all cylinders, we cant over turn teams who are having bad days at the office with not a strike on target and cant string a pass together.

    What happened to the togetherness that the team of last year had? we have a bunch of individuals out there that are not playing as a team and seem to struggle. Something is going wrong, and your currently the man in charge who needs to find out what it is and fix it.

    You have had the backing of the fans. the test of a true manager is turning the results around, and turning the boo boys into your best friends.

    Good luck McD, on the recent showing you may need it.

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    Unregistered User
    Nov 15, 15:51
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    So true loyal Royal - it’s not about the results Brian, its about what we are seeing on the pitch, and the performances people are putting in.

    I remember when we were beat 4-0 by Arsenal, we all stayed to the end and gave a huge round of applause as the players tried by Arsenal were too good for us.

    If the crowd see the players giving 110% and doing what they apparently do in training - pass to their own player, do their best not to lose possession. Shoot with sight on goal don’t try and walk it in. Don’t just keep falling over and complaining to the Ref (Mr Roberts).

    Run and take on Players and go your best to gain advantage and win the game - then fans will respect this and give 110% backing to you and the team.

    At present the fans are not seeing what you apparently are on the training pitch!

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  • KeepTheFaith
    Unregistered User
    Nov 15, 20:11
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    I have lost all faither in McD. I agree with teh previous person - Thanks so much for all you have done, now move aside and we can get an experienced manager in to keep us in the Prem and match Anton, and the fans, asperations.

    I expect we will loose at the weekend and be more in trouble.

    If anyone can keep us up, Harry Rednapp can!

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  • MadStad Fan
    Unregistered User
    Nov 15, 20:16
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    Well Said KeepTheFaith. McDermott has done all he can for us - time to move on before we get dragged down.

    Harry spends big, and so Anton will only bring him in if he has the cash to splash. If Harry comes i can see Hammond going too as this is not the ethos he is used too.

    Thanks McD but its time to leave.

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  • dickemery
    Unregistered User
    Nov 16, 12:18
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    reading need 2 good goal scorer and bm take the stick people pay good money to watch a game ,buy the drinks and eat the food,come anton show me the money ?

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