Stay in shape with Bracknell Bees' Shaun Thompson

Published: 25 Jan 2013 17:000 comments

The News brings you the latest, exclusive fitness column with Bracknell Bees ace Shaun Thompson.

"I hope everyone has been enjoying the winter weather and making the most of it rather than stressing about the roads!

I want to give you some nutritional advice this week as it is a huge part of you achieving your goals but possibly the part that people find the hardest.

We all know how to eat healthy food but do we know how to snack properly and when?

Snacking is an important way to keep your metabolism firing. As well as keeping hunger at bay, it also helps the tempation to tuck in to some junk food.

You may find that around 10am and 3pm each day you become hungry at work and end up grabbing a biscuit or sausage roll to keep you going.

This is because you are not fuelling your body properly and are low in energy so you look for a, 'spike'.

With three proper meals and three healthy snacks you will keep your energy at a level that keeps you going all day without the highs and lows.

Snacking is all about preparation and having suitable ideas with you:

1 - Nuts - brazil, cashews, hazelnuts anything unsalted and only a handful is needed. They are packed with good fats, fibre and protein.

2 - Beef jerkey - packed with protein and ready to eat.

3 - Boiled eggs - cook a bunch of eggs to last you a few days.

4 - Low carb protein bar or shake - low carb reduces the chance of a sugar 'spike'.

5 - Carrot sticks - any veg with a healthy dip is a good idea.

6 - Bake your own - make your own protein bar, muffin, cookies etc. There are loads of healthy reciepes online.

7 - Meat - cook chicken or salmon and put it in a small, snack-size tub.

These are just a few ideas and there is always something for everyone.

Always thinks low carb for fat loss results so no bread, crisps, sugar etc and you will be on your way."

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