Leader: Disabled driving nightmare continues in town

Published: 1 Jul 2011 09:30

THE views of pedestrians, cyclists, bus users, business owners, taxi drivers and public transport operators, have been taken into account over the town centre changes (if not at first, then eventually). So why has one of society's most vulnerable groups been forgotten?

Council chiefs can point to consultations and information campaigns until they are blue in the face but the overwhelming number of disabled motorists contacting The Chronicle to register their disgust never got the message. They are out there and more than willing to make their views heard.

Politicians stress consultations will continue well into the autumn but, in the meantime, some of those hardest hit by government spending cuts, not to mention the ludicrously soaring costs of running a car, are counting the pennies as they look to pay off fines for offences they didn't even know they committed.

How many must be caught before something is done? Our cabbies won concessions, so why not blue badge holders?

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