Updated: 2014 Wokingham Borough Council Election Results: Tories strengthen majority.

Published: 23 May 2014 14:00

Labour gain first seat for 12 years

THE Conservatives have strengthened their dominance on Wokingham Borough Council. With a third of the council's seats up for grabs in this week's election, they gained an extra seat, while Labour gained its first seat for 12 years.

This was at the expense of the Liberal Democrats and independents, who each lost a ward.

Out of the 18 wards that were up for grabs this year, the Conservatives won 15 seats, the Liberal Democrats won two, and Labour one.

That means that overall, the make up of Wokingham Borough Council is as follows:

Conservatives 44 seats (+1)

Liberal Democrats: 7 (-1)

Independent: 2 (-1)

Labour: 1 (+1)

For the individual ward results, see below.


Chris Singleton HOLDS the Emmbrook Ward for the Conservatives by a slim 11 votes.

Nicky Jerrome GAINS Bulmershe and Whitegates Ward for Labour.

She is the first Labour candidate to become a borough councillor for 12 years.

Bill Soane makes the first GAIN of the afternoon for the Conservatives. He has won the Loddon Ward.

Council leader David Lee comfortably HOLDS for the Conservatives in Norreys Ward.

Deputy leader of the council Rob Stanton HOLDS for the Conservatives in Finchampstead North.

Gary Cowan HOLDS for the Conservatives in Arborfield before Prue Bray HOLDS for the Liberal Democrats in Winnersh.

Swallowfield Ward was the first to be declared with Stuart Munro holding his seat for the Conservatives.

The turnout for the borough is 39.55%.


Arborfield: Conservative HOLD

Gary Cowan (Con)

Spoilt: 3

Turnout: 766

Electorate: 1772


Bulmershe & Whitegates: Labour GAIN

Nicky Jerrome (Lab)

Spoilt: 17

Turnout: 2839

Electorate: 6453


Coronation: Conservative HOLD

Keith Baker (Con)

Spoilt: 6

Turnout: 1998

Electorate: 4483


Emmbrook: Conservative HOLD

Christopher Singleton (Con)

Spoilt: 15

Turnout: 2908

Electorate: 6602


Evendons: Conservative HOLD

Mark Ashwell (Con)

Spoilt: 14

Turnout: 2640

Electorate: 6981


Finchampstead NORTH: Conservative HOLD

Rob Stanton (Con)

Spoilt: 4

Turnout: 1849

Electorate: 4370


Finchampstead SOUTH: Conservative HOLD

*Simon Weeks (Con)

Spoilt: 5

Turnout: 1827

Electorate: 4512


Hawkedon: Conservative HOLD

*Michael Firmager (Con)

Spoilt: 12

Turnout: 2456

Electorate: 7016


Hillside: Conservative HOLD

Christopher Smith (Con)

Spoilt: 14

Turnout: 2704

Electorate: 6453


Loddon: Conservative GAIN

Bill Soane (Con)

Spoilt: 8

Turnout: 2443

Electorate: 6900


Maiden Erlegh: Conservative HOLD

Paul Swaddle (Con)

Spoilt: 12

Turnout: 2642

Electorate: 7522


Norreys: Conservative HOLD

*David Lee (Con)

Spoilt: 16

Turnout: 2615

Electorate: 6976


Remenham, Wargrave and Ruscombe: Conservative HOLD

Robert Pitts (Con)

Spoilt: 13

Turnout: 1758

Electorate: 4414


Shinfield South: Conservative HOLD

Barrie Patman (Con)

Spoilt: 21

Turnout: 1830

Electorate: 5467


South Lake: Liberal Democrat HOLD

Beth Rowland (LD)

Spoilt: 11

Turnout: 1590

Electorate: 4025


Swallowfield: Conservative HOLD

Stuart Munro (Con)

Spoilt: 3

Turnout: 972

Electorate: 2135


Winnersh: Liberal Democrat HOLD

Prue Bray (LD)

Spoilt: 12

Turnout: 2786

Electorate: 7314


Wokingham without: Conservative HOLD

*Angus Ross (Con)

Spoilt: 18

Turnout: 2504

Electorate: 6170

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