Firefighters urge motorists in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire not to ignore road closed signs after string of flood call outs

Published: 8 Feb 2014 08:30

FIREFIGHTERS are warning motorists not to ignore road closed signs after they had to rescue a stranded van driver from a flooded road in Pingewood.

Crews from Dee Road fire station were called to Kirtons Farm Road at around 9am yesterday morning, where they released the man from his ruined company van.

It was one of a string of call outs to motorists who have chosen to ignore flood warning signs over the last 24 hours.

Watch Manager Steve Andrews said: "People are seeing the road closed signs and ignoring them - please don't. We're getting called out to a lot of motorists stuck in floodwater and it's wasting our time to rescue people who didn't listen, not to mention they are seriously damaging their vehicles."


* At around midday yesterday crews freed two motorists from their stranded vehicles in Long Lane, Tilehurst and Wood Lane, Grazeley.

* At around 7pm last night firefighters were called out to rescue a female driver who had driven into flood water in Mill Lane, Lower Earley.

* At 10.54pm last night crews rescued a motorist from flood water in Crazies Hill near Wargrave.

* At around 3am this morning firefighters were called to a male driver stuck in flood water near The Magpie & Parrot pub in Arborfield Rd, Shinfield.

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