Breaking: Multi-billion pound Heathrow expansion plans announced

Published: 17 Jul 2013 12:002 comments

HEATHROW has announced three multi-billion pound plans for expansion - some of which involve re-routing parts of the M4, M25 and moving local reservoirs.

The airport today released its submission to the Davies Commission, which is examining Britain's future airport capacity.

The three options are for a third runway at Heathrow, with the report suggesting a fourth runway would not be needed until at least 2040.

Heathrow claims the options are quicker and cheaper than any rival hub option, delivering extra capacity by 2025-29 and for between £14-18bn.

Heathrow believes the two westerly options - one to the north of the existing runways, one to the south - offer clear advantages.

The airport says they deliver a full-length third runway while minimising the impact on the local community from noise and compulsory house purchases.

The north west option performs better on noise and residential property impact than the north option - the only option east of the airport - while costing slightly more and taking slightly longer to build.

The south west option 'further improves' the situation for local residents but increases the cost, timescale and construction complexity.

The north option is the quickest and cheapest, but offers the least noise benefits and has the biggest residential property impact.

Colin Matthews, Heathrow's chief executive, said: "After half a century of vigorous debate, but little action, it is clear the UK desperately needs a single hub airport with the capacity to provide the links to emerging economies which can boost UK jobs, GDP and trade.

"It is clear that the best solution for taxpayers, passengers and business is to build on the strength we already have at Heathrow."

The north west option would be built just south of the M4/M25 junction and finish close to the north-east of Colnbrook.

The south-west option would run over the King George VI and Wraysbury Reservoirs, running over Staines Road out of Wraysbury.

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  • JUDGE1066
    628 posts
    Jul 17, 17:28
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    I think the best option here would be to flatten Slough, so many problems solved in one go, lets face it, we need an airport expansion so desperately, we need to fill the local area with more people, more cars, more houses, we need people struggling to chase fewer and fewer real jobs, we need to build more shops, so that these people who have no jobs have somewhere to spend the money...I mean benefits.

    We need to keep this supply of money going to keep bankrolling the big players, you know, the fat cats, corporations, Mp's, local councillors, developers, bankers and anyone one else who can get their greedy hands on a few more bucks, while joe public is screwed further into the ground.

    Wakey bloody wakey!!

    Amen :-D

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  • joey123
    1 post
    Jul 18, 00:08
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    Anyone that works for the airport and particular BA would have been telling over the last 2 yeras this was a forgone conclusion, extension was planned years ago, all plans, all agreed..theres no fighting the big boys....would be good to be told which councillors were for it? and which against it?? so we could vote according to our own personal view on it all!...

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