UPDATE: Delays of up to an hour on the M4 in both directions and motorcyclist airlifted to hospital

Published: 3 Jun 2013 11:255 comments

THERE are serious delays on the M4 in both directions this morning after a major accident.

GRIDLOCK: The M4 westbound between Junctions 5 and 6 show complete gridlock.

GRIDLOCK: The M4 westbound between Junctions 5 and 6 show complete gridlock.

A MOTORCYCLIST was airlifted to hospital after being injured in a crash involving three cars on the M4 this morning.

The accident happened at around 8.30am on the eastbound carriageway of the motorway just before Junction 7 for Slough West with the motorcyclist airlifted to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford with head injuries.

He remains in a serious condtion.

Three cars were also involved in the accident with the vehicles currently being recovered by police.

Any witnesses to the crash are asked to call the police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


There remain serious delays on the M4 in both directions after the accident.

The Highways Agency report all three lanes are closed eastbound between Junction 8/9 for Maidenhead and Junction 7 for Slough west. The road is expected to re-open at 12.30am with delays of up to an hour to be expected.

There is also congestion westbound on the same stretch of motorway with one lane being closed with up to an 40 minutes of delays.

Traffic is stationary as far back as Junction 10 for Reading, Bracknell and Wokingham eastbound and Junction 5 for Langley westbound.

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  • TheDoctor
    54 posts
    Jun 3, 10:03
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    I wonder if this was caused by more of the rush hour road warriors who ignored the alarm clock and stayed in bed a bit longer, meaning they have to drive like complete muppets on the motorway? Bumper to bumper at 70/80/90+mph, changing lanes immediately the lane they are in slows slightly.... They should have monitored cameras on motorway gantries and they should fine people for dangerous driving, they'd make a fortune!!!!

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  • JUDGE1066
    628 posts
    Jun 3, 14:51
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    I agree with a lot you say Doc, however more CCTV? it's like 1984 now, what with the snoopers charter rearing it's ugly head again, I drive along the said stretch of the M4 daily and you're right, they are frigging lunatics, what we need is more police on the motorways, instead of traffic patrols carried out by private compaines.

    Something needs to be done with regards to general driving standards, that includes the use of mobiles, lane discipline, aggressive driving, speeding and tailgating to name a few, many of which would not be picked up by a camera, we have the technology to stop phones working while the engines running, at the very least make it so it won't operarte unless connected to a hands free device, dish out more bans.

    Having said all that, have you seen the state of the roads? lol

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  • nitram82
    Unregistered User
    Jun 3, 18:51
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    I agree something needs to be done. I myself have recently been in a near death situation on the m4 where someone pulled over towards me to overtake and hadn't checked I was right next to him!!!! Utter lunatics and I now cannot believe motorway driving is not part of the driving test, it beggars belief! I also drove past this incident (westbound) seconds after it had happened and it was a truly horrific sight seeing the poor man led there, and my thoughts are with him and his family.

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  • TheDoctor
    54 posts
    Jun 4, 00:24
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    I can understand people having reservations about CCTV, but in my opinion, unless you have something to hide, you have no need to worry. I agree there needs to be more police, but can you imagine how much more money would be needed to fully police an area like, say Slough? The short drive from Colnbrook to Slough every day shows up people not wearing seat belts, talking and texting while driving, speeding, driving dangerously, jumping red lights among many other things. And the trouble about the police? Even if there were more, they only serve as an instantaneous deterrant, as soon as they are out of view the bad driving continues.

    Dri ing standards around Slough are the worst I've see, a good example I saw at the weekend. Farnham Road, a learner is out with his instructor. Trundling down the outside lane passing stationary traffic, when they reach the right turn for Sainsburys the left indicator comes on and the learner car cuts into the left lane. If people are being taught bad habits such as this there is no hope!!

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  • jimboy
    Unregistered User
    Jun 4, 08:35
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    Why does the motorway have to be closed for 3 hours ? It's about time the Highways Agency explored ideas to release trapped queuing traffic off the motorway. This situation of closing motorways for hours because of incidents is unacceptable.

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