Royal Borough votes to fight Heatherwood decision

Published: 10 May 2013 09:302 comments

THE Royal Borough last night voted on four resolutions to fight transfer of services from Heatherwood Hospital.

The special council meeting in The Pavillion at Ascot Racecourse last night (May 9), which was also attended by hundreds of members of the public, voted to:

*Reinforce its commitment to fight for local health facilities to be maintained and enhanced across the borough

*Arrange to meet Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, alongside Windsor MP Adam Afriyie

*Arrange to meet representatives of Frimley Park Trust to discuss the future options for Heatherwood

*Work with other stakeholders to consider the viability of a social enterprise, providing intermediate or other care facilities at Heatherwood.

The meeting was called after the decision by the now-defunct NHS Berkshire Primary Care Trust cluster board in March to move the minor injuries unit at Heatherwood, integrating it in a new urgent care centre at the Bracknell Clinic at Brants Bridge; close the rehabilitation ward at Heatherwood in favour of providing rehabilitation care in the community and eight beds at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough; permanently close the Ascot Birth Centre at Heatherwood.

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  • ledborough
    5 posts
    May 10, 14:42
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    So, the PCT spends over half a million pounds on the Public Consultation of a plan to rationalise and improve facilities for residents in the whole health economy, rigorously follows the proscribed rules for that Public Consultation and reaches a sensible and legally watertight outcome to:

    1. Provide a brand new, state of the art, Urgent Care Centre less than a mile and a half from the old one (and on the same bus route)

    2. Permanently close a birthing unit which has been closed for over a year anyway as a result of the local GP's signposting pregnant women to Frimley Park and which, in any case, didn't have the volume of births to be safe.

    3. Close a rehabilitation ward in favour of an enhanced (and clinically proven) home based service.

    As a result, the good burghers of Ascot, led by a a few fanatical "must be in my back yarders", who refuse to see that the world doesn't rotate about Ascot racecourse, apply significant political pressure on local Councillors to scare them into support the anti movement.

    When will you people learn that Heatherwood isn't YOUR hospital - it's part of a chain of healthcare facilities providing services to a Geography much wider than your parish, owned by hospital trusts who are fighting for their very survival against rising costs, reduced funding - currently 20% of their total funding has to be reduced and increased demand. All this whilst being in the middle of the biggest top down reorganisation since the NHS was created (Despite the Conservative Party's manifesto promise of "No top down reorganisation of the NHS").

    Enough is enough - the fight was long and hard and the outcome has been fairly and legally reached. Now is the time to stop.

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  • sandyandy
    10 posts
    May 10, 15:36
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    Heatherwood and Wexham trust have managed to reduce their deficit from £13m to £6.9m, but its taken a long time. Frimley Park must have some say in thin if they are to take over/ merge? It would seem to me that Bracknell is more in the centre of the population served by this with Frimley in the south and Wexham in the north.

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