Diana Dors's son tells all in new book

Published: 6 May 2013 09:301 comment

THE son of legendary British film starlet Diana Dors has revealed all about his unusual upbringing at the sumptuous Sunningdale mansion he called home.

Jason Dors-Lake, as a baby, with his late mother Diana Dors.

Jason Dors-Lake, as a baby, with his late mother Diana Dors.

Jason Dors-Lake, 43, has spent most of his life trying to come to terms with the tragic loss of both his mother and father but he recalls a happy, if unconventional, childhood at mock-Tudor mansion Orchard Manor, which features in tell-all book, Connecting Dors: The Legacy Of Diana Dors.

Jason said: "I had a very happy childhood with a really loving mother who was never late picking me up from school - obviously it had its moments but it has made me who I am today and I've had a colourful life."

It is perhaps no surprise that Jason careered off the rails, becoming an alcoholic and drug addict in his early 20s when, at the age of just 14, he was exposed to the death of his mother to ovarian cancer and the suicide of his devastated dad, Alan Lake, five months later.

He said: "My dad was an alcoholic throughout most of his life up until the last four years - I sometimes wonder if he had been drinking when my mother died then he might still be here now. Before he gave up drinking, he would often still be up from the night before when I was on my way out to school and would try to coerce me into joining him."

This was not all Jason was exposed to - being offered drugs at the age of five. He said: "I have done my fair share of drugs and have done enough to know I won't do any more."

Jason's tumultuous childhood saw him attend various schools in the area, including TASIS The American School in Egham and Charters in Sunningdale. He said: "I love Berkshire, it is one of my favourite counties. I love the countryside and I regularly come back to visit my parents' graves."

The 43-year-old actor admits to having a privileged childhood with everything handed to him on a plate, including go-karts, a motorbike and all the video games he could wish for.

He said: "I've never actually grown up and I always thought my upbringing was completely normal until I got older."

Now living in Broadstairs, in Kent, Jason is adjusting to a more relaxed life by the sea and trying to make it as an actor, having come to terms with his past in the book, written by friend Niema Ash in collaboration with Jason. He added: "What doesn't kill you makes your stronger - at some stages I felt like I could end up in Broadmoor but I've settled for Broadstairs."

Connecting Dors: The Legacy Of Diana Dors, £14.99

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    I remember your Mum and housekeeper-nanny bringing you into Ascot High Street when you were little. She was never rude to anyone or abused her status in life and your Mum was always so kind and courteous to people. You were a very loved well cared for little fella and you were such a sweet little chappie-I look forward to reading your book.

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