Wokingham MP John Redwood hails "best boss" Margaret Thatcher

Published: 8 Apr 2013 17:001 comment

WOKINGHAM MP John Redwood has added his tribute to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died this morning aged 87.

Mr Redwood, who was her chief policy advisor during the 1980s, hailed Mrs Thatcher as "the best boss I ever worked for".

He said: "To be the first woman Prime Minister would be achievement enough for many women, but not for Margaret. She didn't just want to hold the office, but to use it to improve and change the country she loved.

"She inherited a strike ridden and poor country with high inflation and too much debt. She passed on a country of good repute. She showed courage, dignity and honesty in equal measure as she sought to slay the dragons that she felt had damaged Britain."

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  • photoman585
    9 posts
    Apr 8, 21:30
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    She left a greed ridden, self-centered nation were the people of Great Briton had learn to think ' not what can I do to make a different, but to think what can I get out of this and whats in it for me and sod the rest. People could and did buy social housing at cheep prices and sell at inflated prices. Lots of children bought there aging parents council housing not to make life better for them but to make a quick buck. selling them or renting them at inflated pricing. The number of ex council houses now in poor or worse condition, rented out and the money going into the pockets of greedy lazily people who own them instead of maintaining the property's in good inhabitable condition.

    Before this woman, people could live in good rented affordable priced property's, in proportion to their income, young people could set up home moving out of there parents homes and making a life for themselves not saving and saving and saving for a deposit which is always getting bigger and more costly and a life time of dept. Meany people who brought their own homes now struggle to replace a boiler, repair leaking roofs, instal insulation, new windows, this means people now live in a new kind of poverty, family's find when jobs go, or relationships fail, that the home soon follows and they become homeless. Because she sold social housing there is no new housing for those who want or need it to live in. There is now no social housing for most unlike before she told people they could have something without planing and working for it. If you look now at who owns these houses its not those who brought them. Today we have some people with housing portfolios and live of the misery of those who have no choice but to pay unbelievable high prices for cheaply or poorly rented accommodation (Way above the average repayment for a morgue). This is her legacy to meany people not financial security. For prof of this watch programs such as 'Homes under the hammer' where the program makers tell you its all about profit, do not spend money on making it a present place to live, do the work on the cheep so keeping your profits high. This is part of her legacy. she has a lot to answer for.

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