Have your say: 720 fined at car parks

Published: 3 Dec 2012 14:303 comments

A COUNCIL says 720 people have been fined for not displaying parking tickets at The Look Out and Coral Reef in the two months since controversial fees were imposed.

The vast majority of the fines handed out by Bracknell Forest Council (586) at the sites between September 17 and November 19 were at The Look Out.

The fine is £50, reduced to £25 if paid within 14 days.

More than 37,100 parking tickets were bought at the two attractions in the same time period.

It is not known whether visitor numbers have fallen because of the introduction of charges; the council does not have the visitor numbers for last year, as the car parks were not ticketed then.

The council introduced the charges as part of its plans to fill a funding gap in its finances.

What do you think of the fines? Have you been charged? Leave your comments below or email news@bracknellnews.co.uk

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  • DunMoaning
    71 posts
    Dec 3, 15:42
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    No parking fines then again have stopped going there and the shop - found some nice free places to go.......................

    I have suggested to the Council a better way of funding the sort fall.

    Instead of punishing those that park in official car parks - what about fining all those that park illegally around the boorugh.

    On my estate alone there must be at least 100 cars parked on pavements, verges, blocking drives, obstructing junctions.

    Based on £50 fine 100 cars and a year thats a cool 1.6 million I would love to now much if this was done over the whole borough.

    Not only would it discourage all this illegal and dangerous parking it would save the cost of the repairs required to pavements, paths and verges.

    Would Bracknell Forest Council like to comment on this money making idea that punishes the guilty not the innocent easy targets.

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  • janeyb1
    16 posts
    Dec 4, 09:34
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    Try going down Deepfield Road in Bullbrook, there are plenty of illegally untaxed and I am sure uninsured cars parked there everyday most from the flats where the Met Office was because they refuse to buy/rent a parking space under the building!!! or just popping in to see someone-all day.

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  • chuckmeat
    34 posts
    Dec 6, 15:09
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    The council will only go after revenue they can collect and benefit from hence the fines for illegal parking. Uninsured and untaxed vehicles do not earn revenue for the local council. Uninsured vehicles are dealt with by the police as this is their revenue area and untaxed vehicles and their revenue belong to the DVLA. It's crucial for people to stop thinking of their local councils as a democratically elected body of people who are public servants representing the needs and wants of the community. This is just an illusion. The local council is a private business not unlike any other business whose role is to collect revenue and as much of it as possible. In other words to take public money and give it to private interests. This has been going on for years and started with privatisation of public owned services but we are really starting to feel it now because everything else that is being sold off into private hands is much close to home.

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