Dr Phillip Lee wants to "reduce casualties" on Bracknell roads

Published: 22 Nov 2012 17:003 comments

BRACKNELL'S MP is backing a national road safety campaign.

Brake, the road safety charity, alongside a GO 20 coalition, is appealing to drivers to slow down to 20mph around homes, schools and shops, and is particularly highlight it for this Road Safety Week (19-25 November 2012).

Dr Phillip Lee has put his support behind the initiative and said: "Reducing speeds in Bracknell constituency would reduce casualties.

"Research shows that for each 1mph speed reduction, casualties decrease by 5% and fewer crashes reduces the burden on the NHS, emergency services and our local economy."

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  • GrumpyOldGit
    2 posts
    Nov 24, 08:01
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    How can DR Lee actuallys state anything that reduces the burden on the NHS, hows about a fully qualified ( I assume NHS trained) Doctor not being an MP and being a full time Doctor instead?

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  • JohnAlec
    1 post
    Nov 26, 13:26
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    Outside Harmanswater School many years ago, my wife was killed when a car mounted the pavement. Had this car been going just 20 mph, my wife would probably still be alive today.

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  • DunMoaning
    71 posts
    Nov 27, 22:26
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    Speeding will not be a problem in Bracknell very soon as it is getting more and more gridlocked....................................

    How is he going to get people to reduce thier speed?

    Cameras do not work.............

    More police on the roads works very effectively.

    How to pay for them.

    Fine all the illegal parked cars on the boroughs streets, blocking junctions. On my estate alone there must be over 100 cars parked on the pavements ever night. Not only is this illegal and dangerous it is also costing us money as the pavements and kerbs require repairing.............

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