Complaint over 'body' in a window

Published: 10 Oct 2012 17:402 comments

A SHOP owner has been asked to remove a display from his window - a fake dead body wrapped in bin bags lying on the floor.

'Just a bit of fun': Paul Kenwright next to the display in his Charles Square shop Virtual Games.

'Just a bit of fun': Paul Kenwright next to the display in his Charles Square shop Virtual Games.

The display - promoting the video game Hitman, which is about a deadly assassin - was on show at Virtual Games, in Charles Square, Bracknell, for nearly two weeks when Trading Standards approached owner Paul Kenwright following a complaint.

He said: "They want us to change our windows, but I don't think we should really have to do that.

"It's been there for a awhile now and no-one has said anything."

Bracknell Forest Council spokeswoman, Vicki Judd, confirmed there had been one complaint about the shop window and that the council will be passing the comments onto the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

But Mr Kenwright argued: "We just want our displays to be a bit different. We're not trying to shock anyone, we just want to have a bit of fun."

To read the full story, pick a copy of the Bracknell News, out tomorrow (Thursday).

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  • mummy25
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    Oct 10, 18:27
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    I walked passed with my 4 year old the other day and it really freaked him out, am I right in thinking this game has an age restriction? I know children are subjected to a lot these days but with things like tv and games its down to the parents to decide what their children watch and play and with the watershed in place there should also be something in place about what our children see. My son is a very open minded 4 year old but this was just too much for h and led to a lot of questions which at his age he should not have to think about. I choose what he should be watching therefor I expect to have the option to an extent as to what he sees, I have since been to Bracknell and purposely avoided walking past this shop as I want him to forget what he saw and not be reminded. I know a lot of people have said that the shop should be eased of the free advertising this shop has received as a result of the complaint made but I for one will no longer be using it, I would rather pay more and use another shop knowing that there will be no nasty surprises inside.

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  • davehumfries
    1 post
    Oct 11, 00:16
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    I also have kids and a couple of bin liners in a shop window isnt that big a deal, if my kids asked me questions about the display and I didnt think they could handle the truth, I'd simply say they were bags of rubbish, a four year old does not need to be told the entire truth on every matter. I will continue shopping there.

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