Panic petrol buying: Have your say

Published: 29 Mar 2012 18:306 comments

DRIVERS are reporting long queues at petrol stations in Bracknell and Wokingham and even some selling out of fuel as a result of panic buying, even though no details of a strike have been revealed. We want to hear your stories and opinions.

Please add your comments below and let us know about any petrol stations that have run out of fuel, or where there are long queues.

You can also get in contact with us at

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  • dave1992
    2 posts
    Mar 29, 20:12
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    I don't think David Cameron made himself clear. What he should have said was if you are almost empty to fill to the top, as normal. I actually work in a petrol station and it seems the people who are coming in who generally need fuel aren't the problem, it those who come in to put £10-15 in, these people are the people causing the queues. I think people should try to fill up as they usually do. I appreciate some people are on a budget but you have to look at the bigger picture. Use your vehicle as normal and don't empty garages because there 'may' be a strike. Don't forget they have to give 7 days. After this period is when you want to be full.

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  • AngrySteve
    1 post
    Mar 29, 21:26
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    Shame on the David Cameron and his cronies for creating a completely unnecessary fuel shortage in Bracknell and the rest of the UK. The comments passed by our so called leaders really plunged the depths of political mire. What do they think they are doing!!!!

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  • JennyB
    8 posts
    Mar 30, 18:31
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    When will we ever learn that everytime David Cameron opens his mouth another lie pops out of it!!!

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  • honeybear
    288 posts
    Mar 31, 00:30
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    The country is full of muppets - yes all you queeuing and filling fuel cans.

    The country is run by idiots. No wonder this country is going down the pan.

    Todays awful news women badly burnt messing around with a highly volatile liquid in the kitchen. Government advise to store extra............................

    Tomorrows headline petrol tanker driver dies as he fails alsleep as working over the 9 hour European driving limit that our wonderful government has now paniced again and increased to 11 hours....................

    I hope the idiots in government are sacked or even better locked up to prevent harm coming to themselves and us.

    News flash - Job and housing shortage - please all leave the country immediately.

    News flash Monday morning - Traffic jams expected - Please everybody stay at home................................

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  • Freewriter
    9 posts
    Apr 2, 09:17
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    I overheard some stupid woman had queued for 45 minutes to top up £10 of petrol!!!!!

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  • honeybear
    288 posts
    Apr 4, 10:02
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    Muppets all of them. Cannot complain as no queues to fill up this weekend.....

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