Ascot resident's despair over wall repair delays

Published: 5 Jul 2014 12:302 comments

A FRUSTRATED tenant has been left with a pile of rubble outside his home for more than a month – causing an “eyesore” to himself and his neighbours.

Andrew Curl standing in his front garden where a brick wall stood before being knocked down by Bracknell Forest Homes.

Andrew Curl standing in his front garden where a brick wall stood before being knocked down by Bracknell Forest Homes.

Andrew Curl, 51, who lives in Brackenbank, North Ascot, had his garden wall taken down by staff from Bracknell Forest Homes back in May.

However, he was subsequently told the wall could only be rebuilt in August – a wait of up to three months.

Mr Curl, who has been a tenant with Bracknell Forest Homes for 19 years, said he “felt like not paying his rent” because of the delay.

He said: “They took the wall down on May 30 and delivered the bricks on the same day.

“They claimed it would take two men two days and the weather wasn’t good enough but I had a builder friend come out and he said it would take one person five hours.

“He asked why didn’t they just put it up when they pulled the old one down?

“I don’t know why they would start the work and not finish it, and then go to other places.”

Mr Curl said he had been asked by his neighbours how long it would be until it was rectified – and had originally been told it could be August.

He said: “It’s not acceptable and it’s an eyesore. There’s a chance of the bricks being stolen.

“The garden is collapsing where it’s not being retained. I feel like not paying my rent until it’s done.”

Bracknell Forest Homes said it had planned to do the work on either Saturday, June 14, 21 or 28, but had not been able to due to poor weather.

The housing association admitted it had a full book of appointments so the next available appointment for this type of job was booked in for August – but hoped it could now be fixed this weekend following a cancellation.

Simon Allen, manager of the repairs and maintenance team at Bracknell Forest Homes, said: “Our staff have scheduled to re-build the garden wall on Saturday, July 5, and it is expected to take one day.

“We apologise for the delay in completing this repair.

“Customers can report repairs online or by calling 0800 692 3000.”

Bracknell Forest Homes added this would be subject to suitable weather conditions.

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  • Forester
    36 posts
    Jul 5, 13:23
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    Seems as though Bracknell Forest Homes needs more people who actually do something and fewer people who 'plan', 'review' and 'tick boxes' - a bit like the rest of local government.

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  • DodgyNews
    73 posts
    Jul 6, 18:21
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    Bracknell Forest Homes are a complete and utter calamity. I feel sorry for anyone who's having to deal with them.

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