A school in Winkfield becomes the first to have a defibrillator in Bracknell

Published: 28 Jun 2014 15:301 comment

A WINKFIELD school has become the first primary in Bracknell Forest to possess a defibrillator.

Pupils from Year 4, above, and bursar Carole Alder, right, at Winkfield St Mary’s School with the defibrillator, and 3D printer.

Pupils from Year 4, above, and bursar Carole Alder, right, at Winkfield St Mary’s School with the defibrillator, and 3D printer.

Winkfield St Mary’s CofE Primary School has become the first school in the borough to own the equipment after one of its teachers became concerned of the number of heart-related deaths.

The school sought funding from Cllr Susie Phillips, of Winkfield and Cranbourne ward, to buy the defibrillator out of her allocated member’s fund and it has been housed in the school since last week.

Teachers have already been trained to use the defibrillator, which uses electric shocks to restart the heart, but step-by-step instructions are read out by the device when it is in use.

The school’s headteacher, Mike Chesters, said: “One of our teachers, Helen Rogers, was very passionate about fundraising to buy a defibrillator after reading about tragic deaths due to heart-related problems – some of which happened in primary schools.

“There is little chance of mistakes while using it because instructions are read to you by the device itself at all stages.”

The school wants to publicise the fact it has a defibrillator so it can be used within the community to save other lives.

It is also seeking a home for it during the summer holidays.

Cllr Phillips also helped the school become the first primary school in the borough to own a 3D printer too.

The printer and a scanner cost more than £2,500, which was paid for out of her member’s fund.

Since its installation last month, youngsters at the school have made a range of items, including bookmark clips, pencil toppers, scaled models of London landmarks and geometric shapes.

Sarah Boyle, the school’s computing teacher, said: “At present they are working on models of houses while studying contrasting locations of countries involved in the World Cup.

“We have even made a scale model of Christ the Redeemer for our display!”

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  • Forester
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    Jun 28, 17:01
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    When the entire country continues to spend beyond its means, is this really the best and most cost-effective use of public resources?

    And how is anyone who might need a defibrillator 'in the holidays', or even at the weekend, expected to know where it is and how to get access to it?

    Cllr Phillips, we know you are fairly new to all this, but remember that so-called members' funds are actually public funds - and should they be used by councillors (that's another question entirely) their use has to be for the benefit of the entire community,not just a bit of it.

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