Travellers evicted from land near Jennett's Park

Published: 9 May 2014 09:303 comments

A GROUP of travellers has been moved on from land near Jennett's Park by police.

It is believed the travellers had been there since Sunday.

Police are understood to have evicted the group from the land yesterday afternoon.

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  • BerkshireBelle
    3 posts
    May 8, 12:40
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    Have I seen them? It's hard to miss them now. Initially they were hard to spot as the hedge around the field has grown rather high - but now more caravans, cars and trailers have joined the merry band there are more of them than residents on the Jennetts Park estate.

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  • briggd01
    1 post
    May 8, 19:16
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    They've been moved off this evening but have left a vast amount of rubbish and waste which i'm sure the council tax paying locals will have to foot the bill of the clean up. Why don't they make them take there rubbish with them? Didn't the last clean up cost over £45,000 and we Bracknell locals will have this added to our yearly bill!!

    Why wasn't this council land secure like the rest of the other council parks and grass area's?

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  • TomEdwards
    47 posts
    May 9, 09:50
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    I dont often defend the Council but in this case i shall. Why haven;t "they" secured the land? ... The Council doesn't own it! I'm pretty sure its owned by the Jennetts Park Consortium. Who pays the bill to tidy up the site? NOT the taxpayer!

    What really angers me is that everyone talks about "rights" ... gypsies moan they have no-where to park up, yet they then occupy land like Jennetts Park and then move off leaving a HUGE amount of waste and rubbish and destruction behind which doesn't exactly help them win over local communities.

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