Former 3M building will be demolished and replaced with more than 300 flats and leisure facilities

Published: 25 Apr 2014 09:004 comments

THE former 3M building will be torn down and replaced with more than 300 flats, a cafe, shops and leisure facilities.

Bracknell Forest Council's planning committee approved the plans last night.

Cllr Colin Dudley, chairman of the council's planning committee, said: "This is a welcome addition to the town centre and we have all waited a long time for this.

"It is the next step of the regeneration and Winchester House is a big part of that."

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  • Scooby41
    16 posts
    Apr 25, 13:26
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    I hope there will be a clause that restricts residents from hanging flags from the balconies and windows or using the balcony areas for storage. This is lauded as a landmark development for the new town centre.

    I somethimes drive past the apartments on the old Met Office site and there is often balconies full of paraphernalia. I think residents must assume that once they close their French Windows, everything on the balcony becomes invisible.

    Before you think it, this is not a snobbish poke at Housing Association Tenents (I am one myself), as I am sure they will make up only a cursory 25%. This is just a general observation I see everywhere.

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  • timespassing
    27 posts
    Apr 25, 18:40
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    Comer don't do "social housing" and there is none included in this development Scooby41, it's another one for the buy to let cronies.

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  • Sophstu98
    1 post
    Apr 26, 12:08
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    I think it's a great idea, and while they are at it. Instead of building on Blue Mountain, and the little remaining farm land we have left in this area. Why not convert all those EMPTY office blocks into flats too!

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  • 2014BracknellResident
    1 post
    May 4, 17:09
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    300 + Flats in the old 3M Building is going to spoil Bracknell Town Centre, maybe 100 Penthouses would be ok or a John Lewis Store. Bracknell Town Planning, should back track approval of this ridiculous idea. This will clog up the Town Center with 600 + cars with a carpark that is situtated too far from the flats. Expect the owners will try and park closer to the flats including the Waitrose carpark and other surrounding areas. Learn from the mistakes of Rushmoor Council, with the old Post office building development which became Flats, where they had not allocated enough parking, hence the 1960's Abbey Way estate is completely spoilt and a complete eye sore during evenings and weekends with the overflow parking from the Flats, and the Council don't care, once the building is here there is nothing you can do with all the card. Please be logical, and can Timothy Wheadon resolve with his Planning Team, before it's too late, as once built there is nothing you can do with the excess cars. (Flats can have 1-3 cars each). This is as bad as the Energy plant on the roundabout, please act before it’s too late. :-(

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