Waitrose garage shop in Bracknell seeks 2am alcohol licence

Published: 22 Mar 2014 09:302 comments

PLANS to serve alcohol until 2am at a Bracknell petrol station have sparked a mixed reaction among residents.

Waitrose – which is preparing to open a convenience store on the Shell site in Bagshot Road – has applied to Bracknell Forest Council for permission to sell booze 20 hours a day, from 6am to 2am.

However, Bracknell town councillor Roy Bailey, who represents Old Bracknell ward, said: “My initial reaction is I wouldn’t be happy about serving alcohol at a garage. It would be a major concern serving alcohol where people are driving.

“The issue of noise and potential nuisance would be another concern and I would expect residents would want to have their say.”

The shop itself at the garage would be shut at 11pm but, under Waitrose’s plans, booze would be sold until 2am through the staff-operated night counter. Non-alcoholic refreshments such as coffee would be available round the clock. Reaction on the News’s Facebook page was mixed, with some readers backing a late-night opportunity to buy alcohol and others fearing it would cause disruption.

Nikki Stenson wrote on Facebook: “Bad bad bad idea – as if we don’t already have issues with binge drinking and late night screaming matches between drunken morons.”

Martin Apsey added: “What about the residents nearby. Already have to put up with the disrespect of people yelling outside the bedroom window at 3am. How does this benefit anyone but (Waitrose)? Hell no, that’s what I say!”

However Edwin Sutton said he did not think it would be an issue provided staff follow licensing regulations.

Garry Glover added: “No worse than the M&S petrol station on the Wokingham Road that does the same already. No problems there that I’ve heard of.”

The garage and shop are shut at present. Anya Fisher, from Waitrose, said it hopes to open the shop at the Shell garage later this year but there is no fixed date.

Anyone who wishes to view the licensing application can do so at Bracknell Forest Council’s office in Time Square, in Market Street, during working hours.

People can comment on the proposal by emailing licensing@bracknell-forest.gov.uk

You must include your full name and address including the postcode. Representations must relate to at least one of the licensing objectives, which

are: prevention of crime and disorder; public safety; prevention

of public nuisance; and protection of children from harm.

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  • BruceDenney
    111 posts
    Mar 24, 08:37
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    The problem is that the licensing system is all or nothing, we can't amend a licence or restrict a licence to a number of units of alcohol.

    We could end below cost booze in supermarkets, if we could licence them for a specific number of units of alcohol.

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  • TomEdwards
    47 posts
    Mar 25, 19:53
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    Bruce - think you are wrong, i think the council CAN amend a license application but you are right they can't impose a unit limit.

    On a more general point, how many issues have there been with the other petrol stations that sell alcohol??? If the answer is little to none, then why actually does everyone think this one will?

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