Residents oppose 24-hour McDonald's in Wildridings

Published: 24 Feb 2014 10:001 comment

A FAST food restaurant has left nearby residents infuriated after applying to open round-the-clock.

Residents concerned about McDonald's plans to open its Wildridings restaurant and 'drive-thru' 24 hours a day. Pictured are, front, Sheila Barrett, Denise Brown and Pat Davies, and, back, Brenda Lacy, Cyril Barrett, Terry Davies and Phillip Lacy.

Residents concerned about McDonald's plans to open its Wildridings restaurant and 'drive-thru' 24 hours a day. Pictured are, front, Sheila Barrett, Denise Brown and Pat Davies, and, back, Brenda Lacy, Cyril Barrett, Terry Davies and Phillip Lacy.

The McDonald’s branch next to Mill Pond in Wildridings has applied to Bracknell Forest Council for a premises licence between the hours of 11pm-5am every day for both its ‘drive-thru’ and restaurant.

As it is already open 5am-11pm each day, seven days a week, this would mean both services would be permanently open on a 24-hour basis.

The burger chain has also applied for a small extension to the building.

The extension, split into two parts, would increase the dining area within the restaurant on the north western corner and also the kitchen area in the south east of the building.

The application for an extension to the existing trading hours has annoyed nearby residents, who claim it will further disrupt their lives if it goes ahead. Pat Davies, who lives in Arncliffe, Wildridings, which faces the McDonalds restaurant, has said that her and her neighbours have had to put up with inconsiderate customers since the restaurant opened in 1998.

She claims that rubbish has been left scattered across the complex, while customers tend to use Arncliffe as a car park when the restaurant’s own parking is full.

She adds that noise is also an issue, and claims that if the trading hours were to increase, the problem would only worsen.

She said: “All we get is the noise late into the evening and it is terrible. Customers there use our road for parking and they leave rubbish everywhere because the bins outside the restaurant are overflowing.

“It is a right flipping mess. It is getting on our nerves now and we are just fed up. If the hours are extended then I think it will just make this problem a whole lot worse.”

Mrs Davies also says her neighbours have not been properly consulted about the application, with leaflets only being delivered to a handful of houses in the road.

“They have not even delivered the letters to all the houses in our road and the only reason that our neighbours know is because of word of mouth,” she said.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “I can confirm that we have applied for our restaurant in Wildridings Road, Bracknell, to be allowed to open 24/7.

"Our main priority is to be a good neighbour and our door remains open to any member of the community who has concerns about the impact of our business.”

A consultation concerning the premises licence application runs until Tuesday, March 4.

Anyone wishing to register support or objection to the application can write to: Licensing Team, Bracknell Forest Council, 1st Floor Time Square, Market Street, Bracknell, RG12 1JD.

Negotiations are ongoing regarding the application for the extension to the restaurant building.

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  • DodgyNews
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    Feb 27, 11:08
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    I'd let them have a 3-6 month 24-hour licence and see how things pan out with a full review in the autumn. And, before this is granted, I'd want satisfactory responses to how the restaurant (if we can call it that) will deal with problems such as litter and dumping. You can only partially blame McDonalds for the litter issue anyway; it's the customers who sometimes choose to chuck their paper bags and cartons at the side of the road - not the restaurant who serves them. However, I believe they should also be made to make their present car-parking provisions larger and put forward ways they intend to deal with a potential increase in litter.

    There's no compelling reason to reject the application otherwise - you'll always get people who'll oppose, well, anything really and it's all rather tragic and hinders progress. Remember all the people who moaned and whined about Tesco and Sainsbury's being allowed to open till 10pm? The noise! The disruption! The chaos! In actuality, these problems never transpired and they serve their communities brilliantly. If you don't like these corporate places, don't use 'em.

    McDonalds opening 24 hours creates jobs, allows people to have a burger at 3.30am (if that's their thing) and it's highly unlikely that it would ever do a roaring trade during twilight hours, meaning it shouldn't really create any lasting problems.

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