Easthampstead: Overgrown hedge is a 'risk to cyclists'

Published: 30 Jul 2013 09:301 comment

A CONCERNED resident has urged Bracknell Forest Council to trim a hedge which he says is posing a safety risk.

Calling for a cut: John Warren is worried about an overgrown hedge on a cycle path in Easthampstead.

Calling for a cut: John Warren is worried about an overgrown hedge on a cycle path in Easthampstead.

John Warren, of Liscombe, Birch Hill, regularly uses the path next to Brakenhale School in Rectory Road as his route into town, but told the Midweek it is currently being obstructed by unruly branches.

The 44-year-old said: "It's unacceptable having cycle tracks obstructed by an overgrowing hedge. Somebody should be going out there and checking that you can actually cycle along the track. What's the point in it if you can't cycle on it?"

Mr Warren said he first became aware of the problem last year and when he reported it the council then it got a 'bit of trim'. But this time around, he says officers do not seem concerned about addressing it.

"I reported it again over two weeks ago and the council just said 'an inspector will check it when an inspector's in the area'," he said. "I was shocked that they couldn't tell me when that was going to be."

He explained that he regularly uses the path, off Rectory Lane, and always has to avoid getting brushed by the branches. He said: "To me, you shouldn't have to deal with issue of having your arm scratched when using a cycle path." The path is particularly dangerous at night, he says, as the area is not very well lit and cyclists or pedestrians may not see the obstacle.

But Kaylee Godfrey, spokeswoman for the council, said inspectors are aware of the issue and should be taking action to cut back the hedge this week.

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    Slow news week? Resident reports a problem - Council takes action

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