UFO sighting was a plane, says Bracknell pub landlord

Published: 19 Jun 2013 11:304 comments

THE manager of the Running Horse pub in Bracknell has said a suspected UFO sighting was probably just a plane.

PHOTO: Steve Holden

Marti March, who has been heading up the Harmans Water pub for about a year, told the News he was shocked when one of his customers said he had seen objects in the sky on Friday night.

He said: "I raced upstairs for a better view but it was so far away and was getting dark.

"I don't think it was a UFO to be honest with you, it was just flashing lights on a plane."

Pubgoer Steve Holden was the one who spotted the two disc shapes in the sky at about 8pm on Friday night, and took a photo on his phone (right).

Did you see the objects too? What do you think of the pictures - aircraft or alien visitors? Leave your comments below or email news@bracknellnews.co.uk

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  • DJMC2010
    1 post
    Jun 19, 14:01
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    Hmmm it is a very strange photo, It can't be planes cause it it was it would left jet streams behind it and I've never seen to that close to each other in Bracknell also and if it was a plane surely it would be bit darker that that also and have the lights flashing underneath it not just white so I am still bit unsure.

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  • DodgyNews
    73 posts
    Jun 19, 21:10
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    It's so obviously a UFO. Aliens will be arriving in Bracknell any day now, and will hopefully demolish the place upon landing, thus helping to start the re-generation programme that Bracknell Forest Council were supposed to begin in about 1995.

    Help them in any way you can.

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  • mimipants
    1 post
    Jun 20, 09:43
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    Hate to state the obvious, but as it is a flying object that no one can identify then it is clearly a UFO.

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  • Peet42
    1 post
    Jun 20, 15:22
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    @DJMC2010, I think you'll find that it's not two objects close together, it's two lights on the leading edge of a 'plane's wings, and camera shake/relative movement has smeared them sideways a little. There may have been flashing lights too, but the thing with flashing lights is that they're off for half the time...

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