Boxing club is now homeless

Published: 2 Jun 2013 09:301 comment

THE bell has rung on Bracknell Boxing Academy as students and teachers met for the last time at its venue.

Members of Bracknell Boxing Academy are looking for alternative premises.

Members of Bracknell Boxing Academy are looking for alternative premises.

This popular club was dealt a knockout blow when it was told by bosses at The Wayz Youth Centre, in Harmans Water, that it could no longer train there - despite having used the space for more than four decades. The last night was Thursday.

David Seward, chairman of The Wayz management committee told the News that the youth centre needed to maximise its space to offer more services for local youngsters and that the BBA took up two nights a week.

Coach Craig Killoran has been desperately seeking a new home since receiving the news less than six weeks ago, but so far has been unsuccessful.

He told the News: "We just haven't had much luck finding anywhere else. Bracknell Forest Council hasn't got anything but has suggested we look at all local youth centres."

But Mr Killoran said the club needed its own 24x60ft space where it can keep a boxing ring up for the majority of the time. This would give members the chance to do different types of classes and more frequently.

One solution he has been considering is creating a new building from scratch - but even then the club would still need to find a plot and get planning permission.

"We're not talking about a massive amount of space," he said. "But unless we can find the facilities then there's nothing we can do - unless someone is willing to let us have a piece of ground to build on. It could be anywhere in the town as long as there's some available space and a car park. Without that, we're struggling.

"There's a lot of empty office space out there, if someone was willing to offer that in the short term we could work on building our own gym in the long term," he said.

Can you give the Bracknell Boxing Academy a new home? It is looking for a 25x60ft space and already has all its own portable equipment. Alternatively, do you have land it can develop? Email

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  • chuckmeat
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    Jun 4, 08:54
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    Another long standing and valuable community service loses out to private interests. In other words profit. The more services Wayz offers and the higher their youth intake the higher the revenue intake. Private companies such as Wayz, who are doing the work previously undertaken by the local authorities, are paid large amounts of tax payers money to offer these services and this costs the tax payer more. It's all about money.

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