Bracknell wrestling contest 'family friendly'

Published: 5 Apr 2013 16:303 comments

A FAMILY-friendly wrestling event will take place on Sunday.

The Bracknell branch of the British Amateur Wrestling Foundation (BAWF) is holding the tournament from 2-4.30pm at the Forest Park Community Centre.

Organiser Nathan Saleh said: "It is 'family friendly' which means there won't be blood or weapons and its suitable for all ages.

"We have a faithful following already who come to our shows but we'd love some more people from Bracknell to watch us. It's affordable entertainment put on by local guys."

Entry is £1, with money going towards the hire of the Horndean Road venue.

Seating is limited and the event will take place on the same day as the WWE Wrestlemania event in America.

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  • KKonnors
    1 post
    Apr 5, 22:12
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    what a load of shit

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  • BruceDenney
    111 posts
    Apr 7, 07:41
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    Not sure I would take my family to an event that had violence at it's core.

    I wonder if the description of "Family Friendly" comes from PR by the event organisers rather than a journalist.

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  • SarahTownsend81
    1 post
    Apr 7, 09:18
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    I have been to one of these guys shows before and think they are great entertainment for the community. When you assume without having a clue to who these guys are that the 'event organisers' who aren't money grabbing professionals but are local guys nearly ALL from Bracknell, are only putting 'family friendly' to bring in more money, you should maybe read the whole article that clearly states entry is on £1! It is family friendly fun, it's like the older World of Sport British Wrestling with a bit of the American stunts added in for a much faster paced action. There is no swearing, or pathetic insinuation of swearing like the obviously intelligent KKonners mustered up. The 'violence' is just like it always has been in pro-wrestling, it's tongue in cheek, almost slapstick, choreographed cleverly to make for really unique entertainment. They have great characters, I believe Nath is one of them, and they have a guy name Bullet who always gives the kids someone to cheer for and look up to. If you want to support this NON-PROFIT local club, and still have fun in a way I gaur tee you won't anywhere else go see these guys in action.

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