Have your say: What would you like to see at the future Bracknell market?

Published: 15 Feb 2013 09:306 comments

THE borough's regeneration leader is calling for innovative ideas on how best to spend £75,000 at the future Bracknell market.

Bracknell market in its current form.

Bracknell market in its current form.

THE borough's regeneration leader is calling for innovative ideas on how to spend £75,000 at the future Bracknell market.

Bracknell Forest Council was awarded £100,000 in March 2012 as part of the Government's High Street Innovation Fund - an initiative to help revitalise and revive town centres.

Cllr Marc Brunel-Walker, executive member for regeneration, told The News that the grant has now been earmarked for two areas, with the majority being spent on the market in its new form.

The second portion of the grant, around £25,000, will be spent on supporting those businesses impacted by the regeneration - an announcement which comes as the last steps of the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) process were completed on Monday.

Remaining companies in Broadway and Crossway (northern sector) will have to leave by June 4, ahead of demolition in the summer.

What would you like to see in the new outdoor market? What type of stall/trader? Email your ideas to news@bracknellnews.co.uk or comment below.

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  • Bracknellite
    6 posts
    Feb 15, 16:11
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    I would like to see fresh meat and fruit & veg stalls like we have at the moment. It would also be good if the current haberdashery stall could stay on. A new stall selling ironmongery would be welcome to replace "Harrods". The rest of the stalls in the current market need to be improved if they are going to survive.

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  • hazelann70
    68 posts
    Feb 15, 19:09
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    For once I feel words failing me but no doubt this will turn into a book as per usual from me. For the past 2 years we have had an excuse of a lip service from BRP as to what’s going to happen to the market. Today, I flick through the Bracknell News and find this article. Well Mr B Walker, all I can say to you right now is thank you very much. Thank you for saying how you are a massive fan of the market (I personally have seen you down there twice in 2 years 3 at a push). Thank you for NOT telling us about the £75,000 that has been put aside. Is this for the tarmac and painted lines for our new market? I can’t see how else it will be spent as a roof is obviously out of the question. Thank you for NOT telling us the plans BEFORE you decided to put our future into the paper. At what point were the traders at the market going to be told about what our future holds? Yet again we are left to find information from the local paper. What is worse is that we find out on a Friday and so then can’t do or find any further information until Monday (there goes another rib to think we will be told anything if we do try to get info from BRP). We are now left in pieces over the weekend and can only hope the people of Bracknell will stand behind us on this one and contact MBW as soon as possible. I feel well and truly slapped in the face. MBW hasn’t even had the guts to tell us before going to press. How are we meant to feel? In my dealings with representatives of the council and BRP, the only sure fire conclusion I have come to is that integrity is not a pre-requisite for the positions they hold.

    Well, all I can say to the people of Bracknell is this – if you want a market that has what it does now and more then PLEASE write to MBW. An outdoor market in the middle of the town is fine for some stalls, but what about all the elderly customers that need help taking their goods to their cars? Oh yes, there probably won’t be a car park in the middle of the new town will there other than a multi storey.

    The stalls that will go out of business are: me (I don’t have a mobile van or a mobile cafe), material, haberdashery, plants and gifts, magazines, eggs/cake decorating, pet food and the fish stall. This will leave fruit and veg (if they haven’t lost the total will to live by then), mobile phone, mobility stall, gold and the butcher (I am presuming they have a refrigerated van to sell out of). So 8 out of the 14 stalls we have will close which will leave 5 stalls.

    Perhaps we are complaining about nothing but killing 8 people’s livelihoods’ (not to mention the staff they employ), along with all the other traders who have been turned out of the town isn’t really nothing. If they really think that £25,000 is enough to help all of these people then they really are living in cloud cuckoo?

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  • timespassing
    27 posts
    Feb 15, 20:38
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    I find it very hard to envisage any type of permanent outdoor market in Bracknell. There may be scope for the odd seasonal farmers market but I don’t think the council wants anything beyond this.

    If it were possible to pin down this Commissar Walker chappie I might ask him if he were looking towards a two day market as we have now or one which could trade all week? Would they be permanent stalls or need to be set up each day? How would the neighbours post-construction feel about the disturbance caused by stall holders setting up from the early hours? Would power be available to stalls or would we need to suffer the noise of generators and/or cooler Lorries running all day? At the moment there is a cafeteria within the market which uses crockery so would water be laid on to facilitate washing up or will it be forced to go down the disposable plate/cup route with the increased litter that would be generated? I believe, but wait to be corrected, when the Christmas market was held in Charles Square night security was provided to ensure the sheds were still there in the morning. Would this same service be extended to a permanent market? The propaganda suggests the market would be at the centre of the new town centre but if the inner ring is to be diverted to allow Waitrose pedestrian access to the new car park would this then leave the market outside the ring road and bereft of trade? Information on this is scant if not non-existent. It may well have been included at the presentation in Princess Square but if so the council have since done an excellent job of hiding it.

    So many questions and no one to answer them, certainly not anyone I could put my faith in. My personal view is the council wish the market to die a death but have not got the bottle to come out and say so. I welcome the re-generation of Bracknell but fear we are going to be served up something which is in the interests of the developers and the council will just go along with whatever they are told.

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  • hazelann70
    68 posts
    Feb 16, 17:05
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    Following this link to the plans http://www.bracknell.com/Upload/PageAttachments/page832/files/Regeneration%20Exhibition%20images%20-%20web.pdf

    MBW is saying the market will be in Market Place. Where is this market place? I can see market square and new market square but no market place. If market place is what he is referring to then how can he say it is slap bang in the middle of town?

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  • Radicalbrother101
    1 post
    Feb 20, 15:54
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    The present scenario with the town centre regeneration as they call it, and the market's future are all relative to one thing. That thing is that Bracknell is dead! Once it was a thriving hub of shoppers, but since the Thatcher government occurred it has died. So have many other towns and cities. What caused this to happen? My answer to that is the New Right policies of the Thatcher government of the 80's! The New Right threw away the Post war concensus under its Keynesian umbrella and replaced it the thoughts, philosophies, economics and practices of Hayek and Friedman in its outlook, which was to destroy everything before it, which amounts to destroying everything that our forefathers, mums and dads fought for so bravely in the 1st and 2nd World wars, so that we could have a better future. The welfare state was the baby of the Beveridge report, and this is why we find that today under New Right, and New Labour, all that has been destroyed and replaced by something dreamt up in the 80's, which was monetariast, materialistic, and many other things alien to us Brits! Not only that, but the working class has virtually been destroyed by the fact that all our industries have been shipped elsewhere, our cars companies have either gone bust, or bought out by foreign companies on the continent or elsewhere, houses have been turned from Council properties into bought properties, or Estate Agents, Housing Associations stock. Not to mention that many former property owners have had their houses repossessed, small businesses have gone bankrupt! Moreover, the towns have seen a creeping middle class turn working calss areas into middle class area, in other words gentrification abounds and who can stop it? It is all middle class, middle class and nothing else is left apart from the ruling class! This amounts to class warfare of the most vicious kind known in history! The unemployed and sick are villified as scroungers and worse, all because of the New Rights's policies and practices! I love this country, I have seen what is causing all the problems we have today, and I for one am going to do something about it. The first thing I've done is here, t is said that the pen is mightier than the sword! Indeed it is. That is why years ago I became a member of the Territorial army in 1980. Then in the 90's I was a member of a religious patriotic fraternity, nowadays I am the secretary of the Bracknell Branch of UKIP. I have also been and still am a member of the Church of England since 1983 when I was baptised asnd confirmed by the Bishop of Oxford at St Andrew's Mk2 at Priestwood. I believe that I am my brother's keeper, even if this present government wants to steer people the other way in a Ayn Randish way, I am not for being a Mr Facing both-ways as Bunyan's character was! Andre Duncan Comb, Secretary, Bracknell branch UKIP.

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  • hazelann70
    68 posts
    Feb 21, 14:03
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    I am pleased to say that after the recent years of naff parties being in power, I am UKIP converted. Whereas I do not agree with all their policies such as moaning about wind farms, I do agree with the majority of their policies. Immigration being one and the EU being the other. If this country were to pull out of Europe, I’m sure all the manufacturers who sell their goods to us and vice versa wouldn’t simply stop doing so. The trillions that are wasted in this country through the EU, MP’s expenses and the foreign aid are criminal. That money would be better spent on our own doorstep and then perhaps we wouldn’t have to fight like hell for an indoor market!!!

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