New hospital idea - what do you think?

Published: 17 May 2012 12:305 comments

Bracknell's MP Dr Phillip Lee has published his ambitious ideas for a Royal Berkshire Thames Valley Hospital.

He has suggested the acute centre could be built near junction 8/9 of the M4 and be partly funded by selling off land at other hospital sites, including Heatherwood, if its services could be provided instead in Bracknell.

Dr Lee's announcement comes as health bosses say Heatherwood Hospital has a "long-term future" and that the long-awaited Bracknell HealthSpace may now be based at the Royal Berkshire Bracknell Clinic in Brants Bridge instead of a new building.

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  • bracknelljo
    3 posts
    May 18, 00:23
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    Nice of Dr. Lee to want a super Hospital nearer to his home and he would quite happily sell his constituents local hospital to raise the money to build it.

    I am so pleased that Heatherwood has been saved. The next thing is to find ourselves a fine upstanding local person who cares about Bracknell to fight Dr. Lee at the next General Election.

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  • JennyB
    8 posts
    May 18, 03:19
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    For the people in Bracknell I think it is a stupid idea, why sell off land at Heatherwood to fund it when there is plenty of land at Heather to extend there to make a big hospital. Or knock down several of the many many unoccupied new office builds we have in Bracknell

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  • honeybear
    288 posts
    May 18, 07:14
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    Great Idea but how do people without transport get thier?

    I assume the car park will be pay and display making visiting the hospital expensive for visitors and patients alike. No easy transport links therefore can charge as much as they like.

    Nice one Dr P Lee, as out of touch with the common people as the rest of the Current Government.

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  • ledborough
    5 posts
    May 18, 19:24
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    Make a big hospital??!! The last thing we need is another big hospital around here. There are far to many already. We need to close some to make centres of excellence not a myriad of mediocre medium sized hospitals.

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  • Crowoman
    3 posts
    Jul 23, 20:07
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    Dr Dolittle strikes again! What planet is this man on? It would be nice if he spent as much time supporting the huge amount of serious issues that his consituents are really concerned about, rather than continually promoting a new hospital (nearer to his home, of course) for self aggrandisement. What about the appalling SADPD on housing over-development? That is one major issue that will result in high density, major overcrowding in the Bracknell Forest area, and will have dire consequences for this borough. Does he care? Not a jot!

    This part time, ineffective 'representative' appears to be solely interested in his new hospital and would sell us down the river to get it! Apart from that, he u-turns to fit in with whatever Cameron says on any subject on any particular day. No mind of his own.

    Never thought I'd say this (and don't really mean it) but, come back Mackay - all is forgiven! At least he listened and supported his constituents. This one remains as remote as possible from his constituents as he knows he cannot confidently argue his ridiculous theories to a satisfactory conclusion.

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