Bid to get play park closed

Published: 10 May 2012 09:3020 comments

A COUPLE have launched a court action to try to shut down a children's playground they claim is a noise nuisance.

A COURT is due to rule on neighbours' complaints that a new children's playground is a "noise nuisance".

Dr Catherine Bentley-Thomas has launched a private prosecution - backed by her husband Roger Price, a former Concorde pilot, and other neighbours - trying to get Winkfield Parish Council to shut the £150,000 playground, which opened in Locks Ride in May last year. They claim there is a disturbing level of noise from children shouting and shrieking.

The case was heard at Reading Magistrates' Court on Tuesday and yesterday (Wednesday) and the judge has reserved judgment until a later date.

- Do you live near the site - Is the playground too noisy?

Or is the noise of a playground something that residents have to accept? Please add your comments below.

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  • honeybear
    288 posts
    May 10, 19:39
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    He was a Concorde pilot and he complains about noise..............

    As much as I love Concorde I lived in Feltham under the flight path and had to endure the afterburn and the whole house rattling.

    Get a live................................

    Cockerels - now children..........................................

    I would suggest moving to the Australian Outback nice and quite.

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  • Dolly1966
    1 post
    May 10, 21:55
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    The fact that this has got as far as the magistrates court is beyond belief! The doctor and her husband are complaining about noise from a playground - what else do they expect - silence???!!!! Children = noise! What a shame this couple can't see the enjoyment that children are getting from this great playground!

    And honeybear, I agree about the noise from concorde's flight path! I didn't go to the magistrates court to compain!

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  • LynetteR
    2 posts
    May 11, 10:08
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    I was the Regional Manager for Play England and we were involved in the set up of this site. This couple had ample opportunity to be involved in the consultation before the park was installed.

    We are talking about CHILDREN here!!!! What about their right to play (UN Convention of the rights of the Child Article 31 All children have the right to relax and play......)

    I am disgusted that these people can speak about people in such a way - they said in a national paper that "the park was full of really fat women from Bracknell who could not control their children".

    Children's play shouldn't be controlled - I bet the Pilot and his DR wife don't expect others to control their recreational activities!!!!

    I say keep the park and laugh these two out of court.

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  • frogmella
    1 post
    May 11, 23:15
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    What a sad sad couple. To want to close a play park where children and families go to have fun makes me wonder what kind of sheltered lives they must have led. And to go as far as taking it to court I just find totally unbelievable.

    Seriously, don't take away our childrens rights to play. Leave them be and let them be the children they deserve to be. They are so lucky to have these amazing play areas that many of us as children didn't get to enjoy. A swing, a slide and a roundabout was all we had and I considered myself lucky. Childrens innocence should be cherished and what better way to spend their childhood than in a play area.

    If it bothers you that much....MOVE! Find yourselves a little farmhouse with a big field and an oak tree you can sit and look at but please don't take away our childrens rights to play.

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  • mummy25
    2 posts
    May 13, 12:37
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    What these people seem to be forgetting is that not all children have the luxury of a garden or safe outdoor space at home which they can use to play in, if children are not allowed to play and run around and exercise then they to will be at risk of health problems and as the Dr seems to have a problem with overweight people she should know that by letting the children exercise they will be less likely to become overweight and in turn put less of a strain on the NHS. I'm sure that in years to come when children with weight issues begin to come to the Dr she will point out that more exercise is needed!!

    I also believe that the Dr should in fact be disciplined for her discriminatory comments and will from now on make the special trip to this park to let my son run and play and feel free!!!!

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  • sallyfromsurrey
    1 post
    May 14, 09:33
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    Hey folks, don't be too hasty. I went there last year with my boy, its a great park but there were 200+ there. I wouldnt want that witin 15m of my house specially as they have a huge field and could have put it somewhere else. Council might be to blame for this. Also it's a dangerous road.

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  • LynetteR
    2 posts
    May 14, 10:36
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    You can join our campaign to support the park by:

    Joining the facebook page called Support Locks Ride Play Park

    Signing our online petition

    Thank you for your support


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  • LizHendricks
    1 post
    May 14, 13:53
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    As a resident of Locks Ride, I find the sound of children a joy..

    A group of Locks Ride Park supporters have formed a Facebook group - Support Locks Ride Play Park. See the link above.

    We will also be holding a Play Day. Sunday 20th May 2012, between 12 - 4pm to show our support for the park and everyone is welcome.....

    Thank you for your support and please invite your friends to show their support too. Lynette Robertson and Liz Hendricks

    Petition Support Locks Ride Play Park

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  • Thomasjohanson
    1 post
    May 14, 17:11
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    Older people are often more sensible to what they define as noise. I remember a retired school master who lived next door. In his opinion noise and thus subject for complaint when on hot summer days our children amused themselves with the inflatable junior pool which the proud parents had supplied. He just couldn't stand the noise which in our young parantal ears was pure music. He had been a school master and now on his old days he couldn't stand them.


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  • Whorayhenry
    1 post
    May 15, 19:46
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    Football has been played on this recreation grounds for many many years and the noise level is much louder than any made by the children playing in the new park area. Why has there been no complaints about this.

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  • Outraged
    1 post
    May 17, 08:53
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    We are amazed and disgusted by this action by these awful people! As residents of Locks Ride, we have applauded the creation of this play area for children - it is a much needed facility for children to get out and get some exercise, whilst having fun with their friends and parents. This is particularly necessary, given the tiny gardens in today's houses. We would just ask users to park in the car park, not on the street - or walk there for the exercise!

    As Whorayhenry says, this has been a playing field for years with football - so why not children's games?? In addition, the playground is located next to an increasingly busy crossroads, where there is traffic noise all day and very bad at rush hours, although obviously less noisy than a Concorde!

    The doctor should be encouraging children to play and as vigorously (and noisily) as possible! We wonder if these sad people have ever had children. Perhaps they should just leave and find a nice peaceful place to live!!

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  • Happyhayley
    1 post
    May 17, 13:38
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    I was there yesterday afternoon and it was so quiet, possibly the nicest outside play area i have been to in quite a while. I was there using the gym equipment something that people should be encouraging.

    a few quiet children, 2 adults using the gym and a cricket game. Cant beleive that residents would want to put an end to this. People should be pleased that children are outside making use of such great facilities rather than sitting at home watching tv. Running around and getting some fresh air, i personally see no harm whatsoever in that!

    The road along side the park was noiser that the actual park area with all the cars going up and down. Will they be trying to get the road closed next too? Unbelievable!

    As previously mentioned already, None of this noise is as loud as concorde, I am sure Mr Roger Price would argue that he had no control over the noise and it was just a job,

    Adults work, children play. Your work made a hell of a noise so what if a few children on a saturday afternoon are making a bit of noise having fun!!!! Think yourself lucky it isnt a skate park with teenagers drinking and smoking all night!!!! And as for the doctor who would obviously prefer children to be sat inside quietly watching tv... is it any wonder we have a childhood obesity issue?!?!

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  • schroder70
    1 post
    May 20, 11:52
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    Our Grand Daughter lives very close to the park and delights in it.

    Have this couple no grand children?

    I find it incredibly sad that they can find any satisfaction in behaving like this.

    Being in my late 70's I have thought about it quite a bit and can honestly say that the sound of children enjoying themselves brings only delight.

    Will this GP be going out to render assistance when accidents are caused by their selfishness? Somehow she doen't sound very much like a caring Doctor.

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  • GrahamDYoung
    2 posts
    May 20, 16:05
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    Loads of happy children to come and play on the Lovel Road Recreation Ground. Raise your voice to reach Locks Ride, laughter welcome. Bring your family and friends.

    Guarantee: No horrid adults...I live in Lovel Road and will send them away!

    Note: Under the boring Laws of GB you can raise the roof between 8.00 hrs and 18.00 hrs

    You may care to sign my petition for the Locks Ride 24 hour lorry park (if the case wins).

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  • nabby9191
    1 post
    May 21, 10:42
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    For the facts about the locks ride park please read this letter:

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  • bobbybill
    1 post
    May 21, 11:17
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    I,m no expert but i think the noise is called playing

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  • Paulmelnjake
    2 posts
    May 25, 13:43
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    Well done to all those involved in ensuring our children and families had a voice! These days we need to keep kids outside active and socialising and this is the perfect way of doing just that! Great work to all involved!

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  • BruceDenney
    111 posts
    May 31, 08:19
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    Why don't they petition the court to sterilise the population to keep the noise down?

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  • lockytj
    1 post
    Jun 14, 09:11
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    I go horseriding oppisite the park and if you ask me its not that much noise, its children laughing and having fun, what would the concorde pilot prefer children hanging out in the street and getting into trouble and being a nuisence!! I dont think so. Get a life, considering that fact that he made 100 times worse noise flying the concorde over the same area where he clearly lives is a tad pathetic!!!!

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  • jayjay90
    1 post
    Jun 22, 11:44
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    Childrens play should not be controlled its a way for parents to let thier kids release all of their energy. as the last comment says would you rather have kids hanging about in streets or enjoying themselves in a play park? play parks should not be closed just because kids are being loud children should always be allowed to be noisey at play parks as its somewhere fun... its just like when us adults go out to clubs and pubs we are very loud at times and there has never been any complaints about us being loud. when the concord use to fly over berkshire and the sorounding ares that use to be a lot louder than kids playing in a play park. i live somewhere near a play park and kids are always there playing or chilling out and they are noisey but they understand if they are out after a certain time they are a little bit more quiet. And also i personally think that more play parks should be put in and around berkshire as this would cause less stress of kids hanging about on the streets and mixing with the wrong types of people.

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