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Police release 'wanted' list

Published: 2 Sep 2010 07:00

SEX attacks, robberies and attempted fraud are among crimes in the area that police hope a “Most Wanted” website will help solve.

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Thames Valley Police (TVP) has teamed up with independent charity Crimestoppers to upload photos, e-fits and CCTV footage to the website to help find people wanted in connection with the investigations.

Members of the public who recognise someone can call Crimestoppers anonymously if they know where one of the wanted people can be found.

Detective Chief Inspector Ray Howard, head of TVP’s intelligence bureau, said: “The reality of it is, there is always going to be somebody who knows where these people are and it is a matter of getting it opened up so they can come forward.

“A lot of these people are quite dangerous people with violent offences and taking them away from the community saves future victims. If people want to help the police, they have just got to pick up the phone.”

People featured on the website include Kofi Bosomtwe-Yartel from London Road, Ascot, who is wanted connection with three reports of sexual assault in Berkshire. He is aged 50-55, large with small scars on each side of his face.

Police have also put up an e-fit of a slim, white, 5ft 6ins man aged 15-20 with a black hoodie wanted over a violent attempted robbery in Jock’s Lane, Priestwood on June 20.

Other men featured are Grzegorz Jan Janlowski and Artur Lenczewski from Bracknell, in connection with seven burglaries from February 2008. Jankowski is white, 44, 5ft 8in with blue eyes and mousy short straight hair. Lenczewski is white, 26, 5ft 9in with green eyes and dark brown short hair.

In Wokingham, police are trying to trace a man wanted over two attempts to fraudulently withdraw thousands of Euros from the Post Office on March 30.

An e-fit has also been put on the website for a white man with bad complexion aged 20-25 who indecently exposed himself to a woman sat on a bench in Market Place at midday on Thursday, June 6.

Most Wanted has already been running in other parts of the country since 2005, leading to more than 900 arrests for offences including murder, rape and drug smuggling. It will be officially launched in the Thames Valley on Saturday.

John Gamon, Chairman of Thames Valley Crimestoppers, said: “It offers the public another opportunity to take a stand against crime. It not only helps locate criminals who have 'gone to ground’ but also identifies people previously unknown to the police.”

See the Most Wanted at

Call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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