GCSE results round-up

Published: 24 Aug 2010 12:00

SCHOOLS across Bracknell have been celebrating students’ GCSE success today (Thursday).

See our list below, being updated throughout today, for information on how each school did. See the News on Thursday for more information and photos.

**Sandhurst School**

AN impressive 78.4% of 208 Year 11 students at the school in Owlsmoor Road got five or more A*-C grades, up from 59% last year.

The figure for those getting those grades including maths and English was 50.5%, increased from 47% last year.

The average point school per student was 443.2, up from 379.8 last year.

Assistant headteacher Simon Bamford said: “These record results reflect both the hard work of students and the commitment and dedication of staff who have worked tireless to support students in their learning.

“We are thrilled by the achievements of all our students and wish them all the very best for the future.”


THE school in Garth is celebrating it getting its best- ever results.

A total of 51% of its 218 pupils getting five or more A*-C grades, including in maths and English, up from 45% last year.

The proportion who got five or more A-Cs in any subject was 78%, increased from 70% last year.

Keith Grainger, principal of the school in Sandy Lane, said: “We are absolutely delighted. These are our best ever results. This is the sixth year running that we have broken college records and this is especially pleasing. I congratulate everyone concerned!

“Hard work and determination from pupils, teachers and parents have contributed to this success. Importantly it means improved life chances for our young people.

“Many pupils in the year groups will be joining our sixth form or continuing in further education. We wish them all the very best for the future.”


PUPILS once again delivered an outstanding performance at Ranelagh.

Of the year group of 141 students, the proportion who got at least five A*-C grades was 90%. This figure including results for English and maths was 84%. The average point score was 453.73 per pupil.

Clive Jenkins, deputy headteacher at the school in Ranelagh Drive, Bracknell, said: “We are very pleased. I think the results are fantastic and a credit to the youngsters and the school.”

Pupils who did particularly well included three 16-year-olds who each 10 A*s - Mark Spiller, Alexander Burrell and Angus Haines.


BRAKENHALE students and staff are rejoicing after making a marked improvement on last year’s results.

Of the 131 Year 11 students at the school in Easthampstead, 36% got at least five A*-Cs in subjects including English and maths, a significant increase from 19% last year, which fell below the government’s target of 30%.

The number who got five or more A*-Cs in any subject was 72%, up from 30% last year.

Paul Salter, headteacher of the school in Rectory Lane, said that staff and student had worked very hard to improve the results, and said: “We are very pleased with the results because they are the best we have ever achieved and much, much better than last year.”


Charters were pleased with an improvement in the number of students achieving five A*-C grades including English and maths, which was 72%. Their overall five A*-C pass rate was 83% slightly less than last year’s 85% rate, but the school enjoyed a 100% over all pass rate, an improvement on last year’s 99.6%.

Co-headteacher Richard Pilgrim said: “Our students can be really proud with their results. We are particularly pleased with the percentage of students getting at least five good GCSEs including the all important English and Maths. We would like to congratulate the students and staff for their hard work which has allowed us to maintain consistently high standards at GCSE.”

**The Marist**

There were delighted squeals from parents as well as students when girls at the Marist, Sunninghill received their results. Enjoying a 1% improvement on last years results, 98% of students achieved 5 A*-C grades this year and the highest achiever, Coral Hall-Casserly was awarded 10 A*s and 1A. The overall pass rate was 100%

Headteacher Karl McCloskey said: “Always at the back of your mind is how do you maintain the consistency of exellence, the last number of years we have achieved 100% and you think oh my goodness how will we beat this but we have in a number of areas.

“The personal stories and successes are great at either end of the ability range, for those girls to whom it comes naturally but also for those girls for which it is more of an effort and we are delighted with their results as well.”

Amy Crowder, 16 from Virginia Water, was delighted with her results, achieving all A*s and one A. She said: "I am amazed, there was a lot of expectation on me so it’s such a big refilef to finally get the results. I got my A in maths and I'm not even that good at maths, I have to just keep checking they’re my results."

**St George's**

St George’s school, Ascot celebrated a 96% five A*-C pass rate. While the pass rate for five A*-B was slightly down on last year from 89-81%, the school had one of the highest achievers in the Ascot area who was awarded 13 A*s.

Headteacher Caroline Jordan said: “The girls are very happy and achieved the top grades they deserved. All the students have done one grade higher than you would have expected them to from their entry profile, so very good value added.”

Jessica Palmer, a student, achieved eight A-Cs. She said: “I’m feeling so happy, I did a lot better than I thought I’d do in some and I’m just relieved it’s over. I can’t wait to start A levels, I’m going to Farnborough college I’ve waited so long for this to be over and to get to the next stage.”

**Licensed Victuallers'**

A significant improvement was seen at Licensed Victuallers’ School, Ascot where the five A*-C pass rate went up from last year’s 92% to 99% and there were 99 A*s achieved across all subjects at the school.

Ken Adams, director of studies, said: “We are absolutely delighted with an excellent pass rate. The year group performed up to expectation and the fact that 99 A* grades were awardeed across all subjects is testament to the work that the students put in.”

Some students took exams in English Literature a year early, including Morgan Griffiths and Chloe Easty, both 15. They said: “We’re pretty pleased. It was more difficult because we didn’t have as long to study the novels, but despite that we got A*s.”

**Edgbarrow School**

THE 210 Year 11 pupils at the school helped the school get its highest-ever number of pupils with five or more A*-C grades - 90%.

The number who reached that target when English and maths were included was 74%.

Robert Elsey, headteacher at the school in Grant Road, Crowthorne, said: “We are absolutely delighted. They are the best set of results the school has had. We are very pleased for the students, who worked extremely hard. Also, congratulations to the staff and many thanks to the parents for all their support. It’s been an all-round great team effort.”

**Forest School**

HEADTEACHER Keith Quine said he was delighted with some of the best results the boys school has ever had.

There was a 97.5% pass rate at the Winnersh school, with 61.4% of the 194 students achieving five or more A*-C grades including English and maths.

These are provisional figures as the school is still expecting results through from those who attended college courses.

Keith Quine, headteacher at the school in Robin Hood Lane, said: “I think at the top end, these are the best results Forest School has ever had.

“Put together with the A levels last week, these are a set of very good results. It will be interesting when you factor in the boys who are expecting results from college.”

**Emmbrook School**

THE Emmbrook School improved on last year’s results, with 60% of students achieving five or more A*-C grades including English and maths, up from 56% last year.

There was excitement as the 200 students collected their results, with 17 students achieving 10 or more A* and A grade passes and 24 students achieving eight or more A* and A grades.

Head Nigel Matthias said: “Overall the results were an improvement on 2009 and demonstrate the school is continuing on its journey of improvement. The results mean the planned progression routes for the great majority of our students are secure. We can be very optimistic that our sixth form will be able to retain its great reputation as these students move forward in the future.”

**The Holt**

THERE were tears of joy and scenes of jubilation as the 205 students poured into the hall to collect their results at the girls school in Wokingham.

The GCSE pupils achieved a 99.6% pass rate and a rate of 77.6% for five or more A*-C grades including English and maths.

Headteacher Suzanne Richards said: “This particular year group has been excellent throughout their five years at The Holt and fully deserve their success. The whole staff also deserves recognition for all the support and help that they have given every student in helping them to achieve their potential.

“We are proud of them all and wish them well in the next stage of their lives.”

**St Crispin’s**

STUDENTS at St Crispin’s School in Wokingham were celebrating a 100% GCSE pass rate.

Out of the 186 GCSE students, 80.3% achieved five or more A*-C grades, an increase on last year’s 71.4%.

Alex Biddle, headteacher of the school in London Road, said: “I think the students have done superbly well. This in many respects is our best year - the 80.3% figure is the highest I have seen. They have all achieved their potential that is why you are seeing a lot of smiling faces out there. It looks as if we are going to get a very strong sixth form.”

**Easthampstead Park**

THERE were scenes of jubilation at the Great Hollands school as 47% students achieved five or more A*-C grades including English and maths - up from 29% just two years ago.

Head Gordon Cunningham said: “They have done brilliantly, they have excelled themselves again this year. We are all very pleased.”

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