Appeal to Julian Lennon over gypsy caravan discovered in Ascot house

Published: 6 Jun 2013 07:00

Fundraisers are hoping that Julian Lennon will contact them after discovering a gypsy caravan belonging to his late father, John.

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Alan Carr, fundraising director of Ascot Lawyers' Foundation, which owns the caravan, revealed it could cost as much as £40,000 to restore the relic of Beatles history, which was discovered in a house in Ascot.

Although keeping tight-lipped on the identity of the bidders vying for the caravan, Mr Carr said: "I understand from my contacts that Julian and Cynthia Lennon are aware of the caravan resurfacing after more than 40 years. I would love them to get in touch."

The Lennons used the bright yellow gypsy caravan for family holidays in the 1960s. Mr Carr hopes his charity can use it to raise money for good causes by auctioning it.

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