Heatherwood will stay open and be redeveloped

Published: 14 May 2012 09:004 comments

HEATHERWOOD Hospital will remain open for years to come and the site will be redeveloped.

The Shaping The Future programme that is looking into the future of healthcare in east Berkshire has confirmed that the hospital, which had been under threat of closure, will now remain open.

The details of which services will be provided at the site will form part of a consultation in the autumn and people will be able to hear proposals and offer their views in June and July.

Charles Waddicor, chief executive of NHS Berkshire PCT which is leading Shaping The Future, said: "We thought it was important to confirm our thinking around Heatherwood at the earliest opportunity given the level of public interest in the future of the hospital.

"Although a lot of detail still needs to be worked out, we can say categorically that Heatherwood will form an important part of future healthcare provision, as will all our other local hospitals and the Bracknell HealthSpace."

The Ascot Birth Centre at the hospital closed temporarily in September and its future will be determined as part of the consultation, however Ms Slinger has said that the Trust is unable to operate the centre because of the low number of births that happen there.

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  • JennyB
    8 posts
    May 14, 17:20
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    This is excellent news and such a relief for all of us in Bracknell, the next big ask is they open A & E again, so that we dont have so far to go in cases of an emergency, oh and of course opening the Birthing Centre again..

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  • patrico
    1 post
    May 14, 20:19
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    Damn!! Heatherwood is not up to standard and should not be called a hospital let alone have people being treated there. A closure would have force the locals authorities to do something about the poor care that people from Bracknell get . I would rather drag myself to Frimley park or the RBS than go to Heatherwood or god forbid Wexham park .

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  • Traceyloueez
    6 posts
    May 15, 13:40
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    At last some good news, I think this is amazing and am really pleased to hear that Heatherwood is going to stay and be redeveloped and improved. I have only used the hospital for outpatient treatment and have no complaints. I had my son at Wexham as I was classed as high risk and was disappointed to not be able to have used Heatherwood as it was so close to us ....... agree with Jenny B'c comments about the birthing centre and A & E

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  • tfs
    15 posts
    Apr 29, 15:15
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    Bracknell must the one of the largest towns in the UK that does not have a Hospital.

    The nearest full A&E department (from the town centre) is over 11 miles away. Many patients are required to attend Wexham Park, which is over 16 miles away. Millions of punds were spent on the Royal Berkshire Bracknell Clinic, but most cancer patients in the town still have to travel to WP for treatment. Keeping Heatherwood limping along does not seem to be the answer. We will not get a full A&E dept there, and the Birthing centre was not cost effective with only about 5 births per week.

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